New Music (Digital 45 style) - "How Did We Get Here" by Stop Light Observations

Why the hell don't more bands release "Digital 45s?". We get more music, in quicker intervals, BANG BANG BANG. That's exactly what the dudes of Stop Light Observations are doing right now with their Volume releases. Now on Vol. 2, this band will be tearing up your speakers with some dope Alt-Indie-Rock tunes. Its like Night Riots joined a marching band, added a bunch of spacey reverb fit for a big arena, and then gave the lovechild of Slash and Chris Martin a tab of acid and a guitar.

"The Volume releases will ultimately be defined as a series—a voice for the voiceless. A podium for those who have yearned for the opportunity to share their own stories of struggle, passion, and love" vocalist Will Blackburn explains.

John Keith Culbreth, guitarist and principle songwriter from the band explains the song saying, “It is a two part meaning for me. Personally it is a song asking oneself how did we actually, literally get here. God? A star exploding? Even so, what before that. And what before that, and that. And what did it all look like? Life is miraculous...if only we could fathom the probability of each one of us actually existing… Science or not, it is a marvelous fact that we are here! did we get here? The second part is about how we got here, politically. The greatest country on the planet being lead by an inexcusable ego driven personality? How?!?”

Check out their new "A-Side" Track, "How Did We Get Here" Below!

Also check out their latest music video for "Coyote" off of Vol. 1