Tell Me Are You A Badfish Too

>> Anthology hosted the second return of Badfish to the city of Rochester this past Friday. Spirits were high and the rhythms flowed as the band played two sets of the popular 90’s reggae-rock band, Sublime. The night was kicked off with two opening bands; Dropwise and The Results, who energized the early crowds, warming them up for the act everyone was waiting for.

Badfish jumped on stage at 9:45 and rocked the venue immediately, mashing up classic songs like, “Badfish” and “What I Got”, which only seemed to raise the vibes in the venue. At times Pat sang until his vocal cords couldn’t work any longer without a sip from the PBR can next to his mic, an act Sublime’s lead singer, Bradley, would have done on stage. To cap off such a stellar night, Badfish came back on stage for a two-song encore which left fans out of breath and hyped beyond belief! <<

If you missed them at Anthology check out the rest of their tour dates here: