>> Zuli is a Long Island based alternative pop artist, who released a new album, On Human Freakout Mountain, this past October. A month after the album’s release Zuli played at the Bug Jar in Rochester, NY, and shared his experience as a musician with Floated.

Art making is a self reflecting experience for Zuli. While he tinkered with the notes of On Human Freakout Mountain, he was also “soul searching,” and discovered that the music that he was creating represented a “quarter life crisis.” The tension that arises in a quarter life crisis is derived from the fear of failing the expectations set by oneself or by others. However this tension is balanced by the hope that, “maybe I’m not crazy, maybe I could be the person I see myself as, even if the whole world tells me no.” The acceptance of his new album is a clear indication to Zuli that his work continues to evolve with meaning and purpose.

Zuli’s love for music began at age five when he learned to play the piano, and his talent has only grown. In high school, he was inspired by avant-indie bands, “I didn’t know you could do this thing. I wanted to start writing music.” He played in numerous bands until he decided to branch off and go solely by his last name, Zuli, “I’ve been doing what feels right ever since.”

Vinyls are integral to Zuli’s practice of listening to music. While most music can be conveniently accessed from a cell phone, the physicality of a vinyl and its printed cover “feels like it’s the best way to support the artist.” The most recent addition to Zuli’s vinyl collection was Alex Cameron’s Forced Witness. His favorite records include, “Rubber Soul by The Beatles. Light Upon the Lake by Whitney. Those album are made for vinyl.”

As 2018 begins, Zuli and his team will be touring for the next few months. As he travels and performs, he will also write new music with TK the Architect, his producer. Floated can’t wait for his new jams to hit! <<