Noiseheads - Sitcoms for Aliens: 2018’s Sound Starts in the ‘90s

>> An edgy alternative band from Florida is struggling to maintain their underground status; Noiseheads are the closest thing to a nineties revival that the rock scene in the US has seen in a long time. They’ve capitalized on executing perfectly grungy instrumentals full of driving chords, without overpowering their angsty vocals.

The Good:

The mastering on the instrument tracks is perfect. The tone, crossfading and dynamics are each supremely crisp, yet the effects applied to each string instrument lock in a tastefully muddy hard-rock feel.

Nick Gray’s vocals truly drive the energy of each song. The track Drown Me exhibits this as he transforms his parts from emotional swoons in each verse to classy belting-at-the-top-of-his lungs during the chorus.

The album’s direction takes a turn every few songs, each one showing off another aspect of Gray’s songwriting abilities as well as the other members’ creativity in support parts. It’s clear the band’s forte is heavier rock with breakthrough choruses, but they also showed that they can get groovy and soft when necessary.

The Bad:

Some of the vocal filters used throughout the album on lead parts were a little much. There are many examples of tasteful and well-delivered telephone effects and/or other compression, but there are also a few spots where it was a bit overdone.

The Review:

I honestly can’t think of another modern band that instills a more genuine ‘90s feel than Noisehead, and this album helped drive that point home. Every track on the record is sure to hit older millennial listeners with a nostalgic desire to reminisce in tattered jeans and a worn-out flannel. Be ready to dig up your Soundgarden and Alice in Chains records; Sitcoms For Aliens is about to bring you back in time. 4.2/5 <<