>> Eli Flynn, a local Rochester artist, began composing music 5 years ago. His music combines vocals and instrumentation into smooth, good vibe jams. This past October, he released an EP called Four Play, which features 4 tracks that mix contemporary pop with a little funk and R&B. As 2018 begins, Eli is working on an album to follow his EP, and is planning a tour during mid-march.

Journey into music:

Eli understands sound as a flexible medium for self examination and constant learning. He enjoys the challenge of adapting to different styles and artists, because it pushes him to become a multi-faceted musician and songwriter.

Even though Eli has experienced growth and success in his musical career, he has faced challenges within his creative process. The demands of being a full time student and bartender have made it difficult for him to maintain musical creativity and productivity. He has worked to overcome his busy mind by narrowing his focus and dedicating a portion of his time and energy to music.

How the local influences him:

The city of Rochester has influenced Eli’s work immensely. For example, the video for his first single, Boo Thing, introduced new businesses around Rochester. “There are so many cool locations for music, nature, art” in Rochester that have inspired him throughout his lifetime.


While at school, Eli is is pursuing a degree in Music Therapy at Nazareth College. He chose this degree out of curiosity, and is enjoying learning about how music can be used to address cognitive goals, individual development, and social needs. His studies have allowed him to take the ego out of music, and he finds it rewarding to have been able to change his perspective. <<