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Frida Sundemo Releases Ethereal Acoustic EP - Complete With 360° Orchestral Performances

You might remember our feature with Frida Sundemo a few months back when she released her album "Flashbacks & Futures", and how STOKED we were on those tracks. If you thought that record put you in a spacey trance, make sure you check out this new EP!

We saw her play a bunch of tracks with just an acoustic guitar in New York City, but this mini-orchestra is what gives you all the feels. This new EP complete with stripped back keys, the perfect string arrangement, and soul-soothing vocals is everything we didn't know we needed in life.

Light a fat one, turn the lights off, turn that stereo up to 11 and play with these crazy 360° orchestral performance videos.





If you missed our interview with Frida, be sure to watch right here!

Finally, here's the full (Pure Version) EP, featuring some other tracks!

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