>> Bradd Young is a Rochester artist, whose vibrant colored pencil illustrations unfold into surreal images. “I try to keep it really light” he says, and “not take it too seriously.” His art tends to focus on one particular subject against a solid background, and looks like something from a 3 a.m. Adult Swim bumper.

Except for a brief period during his childhood where he dreamed of being Marine Biologist, Young has always wanted to be an artist. Growing up with Pokemon and Cartoon Network, has “inspired the color palette” that trademarks his work. Music, people, and “the whole feeling of summer” also influence Young’s art. A common motif in his work are balloons, because he enjoys the technical challenge of drawing them.

Young was one of the few art graduates of Hampton University in Virginia. While in college, he primarily utilized traditional paints, however in his senior year he fell in love with ink drawing. Soon after he switched to colored pencils and has been using them as his preferred media ever since. Young brings a fresh perspective to the Rochester art scene because of his artistic flourishing in Virginia.

To see more of Young’s bright and strange images, take a look at his Instagram account, @young_salut. And as always, keep an eye out for any way to support your local artists.<<