Creative Balance, Spirit Animals and (Not) Smokin' that Ganja with Soul/Pop Enchantress Jackie V

Photo by: Jinni J

>> Look out Austin - Look out world, here comes Jackie Venson. Floated recently took up the chance to chat with one of our new favorite axe-slaying, soul-pop-rock virtuosos about college, weed allergies, spirit animals and more. If you haven’t heard of Jackie, she’s about to blow your speakers. She just got off of a tour supporting Gary Clark Jr. - and she very much could have headlined that stage on her own, and nobody would have blinked an eye...OK maybe we’d be bummed to have missed good Ol’ Gary, but she tears it up! Trust us!

Check out our interview with Jackie below!

Sometimes bands sound drastically different from a concert live album to a studio album, due to heightened production, other musicians, weird instruments, etc...but you nail your sound spot on both on the record and live. Was it hard to get this balance right? Was this a purposeful tactic, or was this a happy mistake?

It was hard in that we had to play 1000 shows to get to the comfort level with each other, with performing live, and with the music. It was purposeful in that we worked hard to become a tight band, everything else just fell into place in the pursuit of that.

When you attended Berklee did you know going in that you wanted to get done in 3 years and fast-track the degree or did you decide after time there?

I decided after time there that I couldn't stand the east coast weather, and that I was ready to move back to Austin and start my career already.

Do you feel that the college experience there helped prepare you for the music world, now that you’ve had time to distance yourself from it and focus on all that you learned there?

Yes, it did help prepare me for the music world, not so much the music business world. The major I chose focused in on arranging and production, as well as honing in on your individual creative process. This has helped me with songwriting, arranging, and studio production.

Why Austin, TX? What are your favorite things about the city? Least favorite aspects of the city?

Austin is very supportive to the performing musician, there are plenty of gigs to be had and ample opportunities for working with other musicians. I do wish that Austin had more industry with further reach than just Austin. Places like Nashville or New York City have bigger opportunities that can be national or sometimes even international.

Check out the LIVE video she just dropped of her track "Fight" off of her upcoming EP "Transcends"

What's your creative practice - do you have a ritual every day to keep the creative juices flowing? Something you do to progress yourself that's regimented?

I work on my business during the day and my music during the night. Working on business and using the other side of my brain gets my creative juices flowing for some mysterious reason.

Being youngest of nine seems like a tough gig, how do you think it shaped you and your music?

Well, it certainly gave me a very thick skin, which is crucial in a business of constant rejection. I also have a very easy time standing up for myself, nobody is too big and important for me to sacrifice my values or who I am.

What’s your spirit animal? Why?

I'm thinking my spirit animal would be a horse. Horses don't put up with any funny business, if it doesn't feel right they are outta there! They also value friendships and are loyal to the creatures they love.

How would you describe your music to someone who can't hear?

Groovy, energetic, fun, and positive.

Where do you pull inspiration from, other artists or moments in time? All of the above?

Definitely all of the above. I let my experiences and my environment write my songs.

We’ve heard you found out you’re (unfortunately) allergic to weed, what was that day like?

Pretty sad... Especially since I am constantly around it so I can't escape it. I'm like the sad little brother staring through the window wishing he could play with his big brother and his cool friends. It's okay though because it taught me discipline and moderation, there was a silver lining... Even though it took me over a year to see it.<<