Chloe Bodur is Here to Catch You in a Tidal Wave of Empowering Neo-Soul-Pop

>> Hailing from North West London - Floated’s here to introduce you to the neo-soul/funky/pop queen-to-be Chloe Bodur. Introducing herself to the world with raw emotion, and a catchy tune that strongly suits her multi-cultural upbringing, the 19-year-old artist is making waves throughout the UK. Chloe is here to kick ass by empowering young women, supporting female artistic expression and liberation, inspiring teens and selling out venues!

Check out our interview below where we chat about being a role model, inspiration, and why she went

to University!

Did you find a lot of the inspiration for ‘Glory’ from your own experiences or those of the people

around you?

Mainly those around me. Glory is a love song really and my love life was non-existent at the time so I was writing about all the tinder and one-night-stand stories I’d heard from my friends.

Do you find your style and musical choices that different from your peers?

I think everyone has something different to offer, so yeah.

People are saying you're wise beyond your years, but do you still feel like a kid?

Oh yeah. I can’t believe I’m 20 this year. I still act like I’m 15.

Check out Chloe's latest track "Glory" here!

How do you think fame will/has affected how you interact with people your age?

I really wouldn’t know and don’t think I ever will. I don’t see myself becoming super famous and even if I did I’d like to think it wouldn’t change how I interacted with anyone.

Did you go to University thinking to find your band or did it all come together?

Yes, actually. The main reason I chose to do my music degree in Brighton was because I wanted to meet more musicians and form a band.

Do you find this wave of attention is hard to balance in your life?

Is there a wave of attention?

You’re being hailed as a role model for younger girls, was this something you set out to do or was it thrust upon you?

It was definitely something I set out to do. I base a lot of decisions I make around being a strong role model for young girls like me.

What was it like getting attention for a record deal after your first gig? What did you do to celebrate?

QM Records picked us up to do shows with them after our first gig and we’ve released Glory through them but I’m still unsigned. I wasn’t signed as an artist they just signed the one single. I love the QM guys though, Ned and Nicholson are the two most hardworking people in Brighton I swear! <<