Chapter One - Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes

>> Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes is a four-piece “rock band with pop sensibilities” out of Nashville. The band is comprised of Daniel Ellsworth (lead vocals and keys), Joel Wren (drums), Timon Lance (guitar), and Marshall Skinner (bass). Daniel Ellsworth shared insight about their upcoming album, Fashion, which is being released as three chapters. For over a year, they have been perfecting their sound with the help of their producer, Kyle Andrews, at Elephant Lady Studios.

The three step release of the album is unconventional, but reflects the artistic process of the band, and the music industry. As bands continue to experiment with new ways of presenting their music, Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes are also doing “something [they] have never done before.” Not only is their release format evolving, but the combination of a change in producer, studio, and timeline has “shaped the sound in a way that makes it different” from their past work. “We were making all of the decisions. Every part of it from start to finish was because of us.” The band is particularly proud of the record, because it was created and funded independently, extending their freedom within its creation.

Paralyze, a song from Chapter One, set the tone for the album with it’s haunting lyrics. Daniel explained that the meaning of the lyrics are grounded by the tension that result from experiencing more, and realizing that, “the world is huge and there is maybe more sadness in the world and darkness than you’ve realized...I think that can make you feel stuck. It’s okay to feel stuck, because you are opening your eyes to things that are going on and you’re trying to be a better person.” With its heavy theme, the song has hope in the individual.

Daniel finds his inspiration from his family. His parents both play guitar, and taught him to play as he was growing up. He is also influenced by musicians who share the bustling city of Nashville with him: The Daybreaks, Kyle Andrews, and Repeat Repeat are some of his favorites. His audience is one of the most important sources of motivation and support. The interview concluded with him expressing to his fans that, “However you discover our music, we are so appreciative and we hope you dig it. There will be a lot more to come as the year goes on!” We can't wait to hear it! <<