Rocking out the Dome AWOL Style!

>> IronTom, Nothing But Thieves, and Awolnation came to Rochester, New York this past Sunday, February 18th to ROCK OUT at the Dome in Henrietta and they did NOT disappoint us! The dome was pretty crowded for a Sunday night and everyone was ready to hear some alternative rock music!

IronTom started off their set with vibrant lights, guitar shredding, and a ton of energy that was infectious! You could tell most of the crowd had never heard of them before but that didn’t stop IronTom from winning over their hearts. Bobbing heads, waving hands, and all eyes fixated on Harry Hayes’ (lead singer) interesting and ecstatic dance moves throughout their whole set. It was incredible! Zach Irons (guitarist), who also happens to be in Awolnation, captivated the audience with his gnarly shredding skills. You had to be there. The chemistry between each of the band members was undeniable as they played a beautifully flawless set, perfect to start the night off right.

Nothing But Thieves graced the stage next, all decked out in 90’s apparel. If you haven’t heard of them, they are a british rock band who has rightfully received more recognition after their album Broken Machine came out in September of 2017. Conor Mason’s (lead singer) beautiful voice was phenomenal. So many people in the crowd were singing a long or just taking in the moment and swaying with absolute bliss. Conor Mason converse much with the crowd as he said, “I’m bad at it and I want to play as many songs as we can for you guys!” When the band played their latest single Sorry, which is my favorite song, the emotion and the power in Conor’s voice was completely breathtaking. It was enough to convert you to fan status, if you haven’t heard them before. They closed out their set praising IronTom, thanking the audience, and getting everyone hype for Awolnation. Yet I stood their sad and wishing that their set was a little bit longer.

Then the moment we were all waiting for, Awolnation! Aaron Bruno (lead singer) started off singing Here Come the Runts the title track off their latest album that came out earlier this month. However, Aaron Bruno didn’t start his performance on the stage, instead he chose to sing on the side of the venue on top of the bleachers. Lit by the spotlight he chanted, “Here come the runts, Here come the runts!” amongst fist pumps while wearing a very western inspired outfit. A wide brimmed hat, faded blue jeans, and draped over his shoulders a striped shawl with the words “Here Come the Runts” on the back. Everyone went wild. You could see the western theme take over the stage with fake prop plants and cacti surrounding the band. A few of their new songs mixed in with a bunch of their greatest hits, the audience was fully engaged and screaming out praise. When their single Passion began the lights on the ceiling of the dome flickered in time, bright reds, purples, and pinks flashed above the band and the crowd jumped in time to the beat. It was definitely an unforgettable experience!

One of my favorite alternative rock band lineups and in Rochester! I thought it was too good to be true, but it wasn’t! Every one of my expectations was shattered and replaced with good vibes, gnarly guitar shredding, beautiful voices, and incredible energy by all three bands! <<