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You and I had a Great Time with PVRIS Rockin' Town Ballroom

>> With a neon mic stand and hair to match, Cherry Pools took to the stage of a sold-out Town Ballroom to thunderous applause. PVRIS hype be damned, this band came out with a mission: to get people moving, and they left with having accomplished just that. The band’s combination of poppy beats, rocky strums, and catchy lyrics took the crowd by storm. Lead singer, Martin Broda, quickly switched between singing, jamming out on the keyboard and the tambourine as the band blew through their set with ease, leaving the crowd eagerly waiting for the next act.

Flint Eastwood did not disappoint.

The “Gothic Wendy’s girl,” as band lead Jax Anderson called herself, had some fans eagerly waiting in the crowd. “I love her,” one yelled. Another said she was going to pass out from finally seeing Flint Eastwood perform. The contrast between Cherry Pools and Flint Eastwood was perfect. Whereas the opening band was rather static, Flint Eastwood’s energy was effervescent, dynamic and direct. She was constantly in motion throughout her set, never hesitating to call out fans who weren’t singing along, or dancing to the beat and she stopped from time to time to get a little personal. Her song “Drunk,” is about the struggles of being intoxicated by someone you’re attracted to, and how you act when you’re approaching a crush. “When I see a girl I’m attracted to, it’s like I’m drunk, I become so useless,” Anderson explained. Eastwood danced, bopped, and sang her way through a range of slow, upbeat, and straight up dance songs until the crowd was enthralled with her every move.

As Anderson and her band left the stage, the excitement in the room loomed: it was almost time for PRVIS. With little delay, the street lamps in the back began to pulse, the house lights dimmed and the crowd grew ever so quiet, right as Lynn Gunn and crew appeared, and the packed venue went wild. “I get the impression you guys are quite loud,” Gunn joked at out point during her set. The crowd sang along word by word, yelling in applause between every song, stringing along popular songs like “Heaven,” “What’s Wrong?” and “You and I,” along with some lesser-known songs, giving fans everything they wanted to hear and so much more. Gunn’s unique voice perfectly complemented by the band’s tactful combination of guitar riffs, heavy drums, and deep lyrics. Between songs, Gunn conversed with the crowd about the songs or the day’s events. Between the sound check, an acoustic set shortly after and their performance at Town Ballroom, it was their third of the day. At one point Gunn called out a particularly loud male fan in the audience, only to realize he was pushing and harassing the girl next to him. “I have my eye on you,” she said after encouraging everyone to be polite and help one another have a great time. That was just a brief stutter in an otherwise phenomenal set, filled with punchy lights, crunchy beats, and dancing fans, ending with a fast-paced encore, sung from atop part of the audience! <<

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