New Music Friday! Light a Fat One and Don't Miss the Top 5 Tracks This Week!

1. "Lonely Man On The Island" by FOXTRAX

FOXTRAX is BLOWING UP! For a band that has only been around since 2015, they're on the fast-track to headlining festivals, and having chart topping tracks (they already hit #1 on iTunes Alternative Spotlight Chat, and have sold out shows in NYC and LA). We caught them for an interview last year while they were supporting Barns Courtney (which you can check out here - The new track is an alternative rock anthem, complete with a catchy as hell chorus, super bright guitar tones, a dirty & groovy bass lines, and a bunch of "Ooh's". Get hooked below!

2. "My Enemy" by CHVRCHES

HOLY SHIT ITS ABOUT TIME. Not only has CHVRCHES finally announced a new album due out May 25 , they've also got a new jam featuring Matt Berninger (you probably know him as the frontman of The National). This track is the follow up to "Get Out" which was released a few weeks back. The new track is a little slower, with a badass synthy breakdown at around 2:30. This should totally be the theme song for a movie. Its like some sci-fi love/war story, and it's everything we've been waiting for since 2015!

3. "Electric Feel" by Coast Modern

We LOVE Coast Modern here at Floated. If you don't - reassess your musical tastes. I'll just leave you with this quote, and the suggestion of taking a big rip of some concentrate before pressing play.

”Honestly we don't remember making this. A few days ago the mastered file mysterious appeared in our inbox. Electric Feel is one of those songs that doesn't need to be covered, the original is a psychedelic jewel. Anyway, hope we did it justice...power to the people!”

4. "Lockdown" by LINES

If you're not familiar with indie-weird-psych-pop group LINES you're in for a trip. LINES adds to our long list of Sweedish bands that are kicking serious ass right now. They began when the four members - Erik, Johan, Fred and Nisse picked up from Sweden and went on "a mission to lose themselves in the hedonism of Berlin's nightlife".

”We rented a seedy apartment in Kreuzberg, dropped off our luggage there, and basically didn’t sleep for four days and nights that ended in tears and triumph - or maybe it didn't end at all.”

Nothing sums up their sound better than their attitude. LINES, despite having a huge pop sound, are super DIY. They write, produce, and mix their tracks in a self-built studio, along with self-directing and producing their videos. The new track (and brand new video) speaks to the "very darkest depths" of Seasonal Affective Disorder, something I'm sure all of us New Yorkers are very familiar with. Even though it talks about feeling moody, depressed and stuck, the tune brings the perfect amount of energy to start off your Friday night rager.

4. "Queen" by Elle Exxe

Don't be shocked if you haven't heard of Elle Exxe before. Even though her violently addictive pop tunes may seem like she's playing festivals already, she's pretty new to the US scene. Hailing from London (via Scotland), Elle Exxe has just began a short US Tour run hitting Philadelphia, New York, Nashville, and Austin. The new single "Queen" starts off with super melodic piano, which builds up as synths and guitar create an ethereal soundscape to build on the song's feminist anthem message. The track was produced by an all-women crew, in advance of International Women's day, to project her experience in the music industry (which we love to chat about!).

“I love the men I work with but it doesn’t seem right that there can be so many songs in the mainstream that are 100% created by men, and possibly 0% of songs fully created by women. I thought it’d be fascinating to hear what a 100% female track sounded like, and I wanted to raise awareness and empower the next generation of girls to get involved in every aspect of the music industry.”

If you need some pick-me-up, inspirational, go kick ass music to start off your weekend, HERE IT IS!