Demo Taped - Momentary: Standing Out From Every Crowd

>> Adam Alexander, better known as Demo Taped, refuses to be categorized by genre. On Momentary, he creates a musical stir-fry of influences from R&B to electro-pop.

The Good:

This EP is an absolute chameleon. Demo Taped manages to do something very difficult: he sounds completely unique yet totally familiar. Listening through Momentary, you can pick out influences like puzzle pieces. Bass synth straight out of synth pop, accents from hip hop, vocal mixing out of a Robert Delong track. Each part, on its own, is easily recognizable. Put it all together, though, and you get something absolutely unprecedented.

Helping out to make Momentary unique is the experimental vibe. You can tell where all these elements come from, but where they’ll go is a complete mystery. What influence comes next? Will this track dive into EDM, or finish with six seconds of record fuzz? Demo Taped isn’t out to create background music, he wants his songs to be the center of your attention.

The Bad:

Unfortunately, that experimentation can be hit or miss. You can be blindsided by an amazing transition, and then a minute later you’re hearing discordant steel drums out of time with the rest of the song. Rather than looking forward to each twist, you’re left a little unsure if you want to know what’s coming.

Speaking of discordant, some of the synth tones on Momentary can be grating on the ears. It sounds like Demo Taped is going for an 80’s sound, but some melodies sound more like Baby’s First Keyboard than a keytar.


Demo Taped either pushes the boundaries of genre or outrights ignores them. By pulling influences from anywhere and everywhere, he leaves you constantly guessing what’s going to come next. Momentary may have some poor twists mixed in with the good ones, but from start to finish it’s refreshingly different. 4/5 <<