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The Hotelier, Cammy Enaharo, and The Young Couples Take the Stage at The Bug Jar

>> On Saturday, March 3rd, The Bug Jar was certainly abuzz. Rochester’s favorite punk dive bar was host to a nearly sold-out show by Worcester MA’s emo/indie-rock band, The Hotelier, who was supported by 585 locals The Young Couples, and Cammy Enaharo. The night was filled with a fascinating variety of sounds and styles, and the wall-to-wall crowd seemed to love every moment of it.

Kicking off the show was Cammy Enaharo, with her beautiful voice and lush baritone ukulele sounds. Elements of indie, folk, and soul melded together to evoke a humble, sincere tone that drew all eyes and ears in the audience to her. Although the room was nearly full already, it was hard to miss her local support group of friends and family crowding the front row. Her solo performance was impressive and captivating. For the last song of her set, Enaharo invited two close friends from the crowd to join her on stage for a last-minute musical collaboration. The result was amazing. The drummer and guest vocalist who joined her accompanied the choruses of her final song, and each had their own verse of rapping/spoken word poetry. The three blended together seamlessly for a gorgeously intriguing and sentimental close to the set.

Second on the night’s roster were local rock heroes, The Young Couples. They entered the stage with a charming sense of approachability, and wasted no time delivering a lively, danceable beat. After the opening song, they announced that this was their first show with a new bass player: someone who had not long been gone from the stage, Cammy Enaharo. It was exciting to see the different vibes she brought to the performances between the two acts, even playing different instruments. The Young Couples’ energetic set kept the crowd engaged and constantly moving; the room was now really beginning

to heat up.

As the headlining band approached the stage, the crowd started becoming even more dense and excitable. After some casual banter and resolution of technical difficulties, The Hotelier jumped into one of the singles from their contemporary album, "Goodness". Immediately you could feel the energy of the space escalate. Bass player and lead vocalist Christian Holden controlled the room with his delicately honest lyrics and emotional scream-singing. The cleverly-written drum and guitar parts created a intricate soundscape that refused let your attention drift for even a second. Shoulders in the crowd were enthusiastically climbed upon and shoved as the passionate fans brought the floor to life. Excitement grew even higher when the band first played a song from their second most recent album, "Home, Like Noplace Is There". The audience seemed to know every word and spared no expense in assisting the singer.

Throughout the night heart rates were high, feet were mobile, inhibitions were released and the feels were felt. The turnout was great, and the crowd’s reciprocation to all the artists held steady throughout the show. Cammy Enaharo’s warm and inviting voice engaged with people and prepared them for the musical venture further to come. The Young Couples ignited a cheerful spark within everyone, and The Hotelier brought it home with captivating sounds and seductive sincerity. <<

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