New Music Friday! Here's Your Guide to the Quirky, Sexy, and Some Seriously "WTF" New

1. "Bluedgenes" by D.A. Stern

To kick off our weekends, who doesn't LOVE a lame play on words? Dad jokes are literally my life, so the title to the new D.A. Stern track drew me in right off the bat - HA! - there's another the video, you'll get it. Nothing gets me more stoked for the weekend than some cigarette smoking, beer chugging, dysfunctional athletes. Based out of L.A., D.A. Stern is here to give you some super solid, chill, quirky, sort of psychedelic but pretty straightforward rock n roll.

Check out the new video for "Bluedgenes" Below!

2. "Your Team Sucks" by The Tracys

Listen to this song. Just do it. You'll probably ask yourself why you clicked play. Maybe thats okay. Maybe its not. I'm not sure whether I absolutely love this because its totally ridiculous, or if its just bad. Either way I watched it three time in a row. "Your Team Sucks" is your classic punk rock, meets System of A Down, meets whiny as fuck 15-year old girl. This is one for a few beers deep into Friday night!

3. "Feelings" by Rush Week

Sex, Smoke, Deer Masks, Beer, Glitter, Love. You'll get a rush of all of those in Philadelphia-based Rush Week's new track "Feelings". If you want a track to kick off your weekend with good vibes straight out of your favorite indie film look no more. Listen to the song once and you'll feel like you've already known it forever and will be jamming along by the halfway point. Watch the video and you'll be addicted. SUPER stoked for more music by this duo! They debut their album April 6th, and are about to absolutely CRUSH the indie pop airwaves.