New Music Friday - International Mashup. 5 New Tracks feat. Artists Surround the Globe

1. "Raw" by Sigrid

YES! If you don't already know Sigrid, you're not gonna be able to stop listening. The new track "Raw" is right along the line of what we'd expect. It starts of slow, very airy, and then eases us into this epic groove before we know whats happening. First listen you'll be stuck on the production and the melody. Second listen you'll start to dive into the lyrics - which are again in standard Sigrid fashion - a little deep, but super relatable to just about everyone. This spring Sigrid has an upcoming SOLD OUT UK and US tour, as well as a performance at Coachella.

Check out "Raw" below!

2. "Feast My Eye" by PLYA

Introduced to me as "Alt-Pop", (which sounds super soft for how fiery this group is), PLYA is here to get you psyched on the weekend. The trio is currently based in London, and "Feast My Eye" is the third single released through Atlantic Record's singles label Taste & Tone (who has worked with another Floated fave MISSIO). PLYA has the fire of K.Flay, blended with the catchy vocal lines of CHVRCHES, while following a very rock n roll energetic song structure. Turn your speakers up to eleven and crack a cold beer. You'll be hooked immediately!

Check out "Feast My Eye" below!

3. "What Is Growing Up" by Lime Cordiale

Hailing from the land of the kangaroos, this Australian-based duo brings us the theme song for that summer coming of age movie we didn't know we'd seen. If the Strokes did a Jamaican residency for a year, and sounded a lot happier, and added some horns in the mix, you'd have Lime Cordiale (plus a dirty moustache). This is the track to mentally bring you out of the cold, dark tundra of New York this week.

Check out "What Is Growing Up" below!

4. "Dig Deep" by Lxandra

Berlin - via - Finland artist Lxandra is another new blip on my radar this week. She has recently signed with Island Records and is about to blow up the pop world, starting with the new empowering video for the track "Dig Deep". Complete with deep red lipstick, aggressive cake eating, possessed dancing, and catchy as hell melodies, this is your track to find your inner power this weekend, fuck whatever society thinks of you!

Check out "Dig Deep" below!

5. "Here" by Lissy Trullie

NYC based artist - Lissy Trullie closes out this week's releases with the perfect mix of guitar, pop-driven vocals, and all the cow bell you're missing in life. Right off the bat the new track gave me a heavy St. Vincent vibe, experimenting heavily with the balance electronics, gritty guitar, and vibrant vocal lines. This single follows a break from the music industry to work through some personal challenges.

“I found myself having to navigate the tumultuous terrain of being an unconventional androgynous queer female former-model in a straight cis-gendered male dominated industry. I had no idea I was such a difficult pill to swallow. Even as a gay girl I don’t fit an identifiable mold. I contradicted the usual classifications, summaries or diagnoses. And provoked speculation and doubt around not only the validity of my music but the validity of myself as a person.”

Having never heard of Lissy before this single, I'm stoked that she's back in the business, making music without any bullshit, just the way she wants to!

Check out "Here" below!