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Hittin' You With That Heavy Music

>> To kick the show off there was a slew of awesome local heavy bands. Allegiant, Snapmare, Reformer, and Destroy//Create all had a contagious high energy. The crowd definitely was responding to all of them and since they were all from the upstate area these were probably fans that had seen them before. One of the great things about bigger bands booking smaller venues is that people get to see locals bands they enjoy in addition to a band they grew up listening to.

You could feel the suspense growing while they were sound checking. The crowd was already starting to cheer and sing along to the songs playing on the PA as the roadies got everything squared away. The Devil Wears Prada came out to a huge roar and subsequently responded back with their own.With heavy music, the band's energy is what dictates the crowd's energy and TDWP brought enough for two shows. They flew around the small stage headbanging and slashing their guitars. As I moved from the press pit to the crowd, I could see the mosh pit was taking up a large portion of the room and didn’t fatigue as the show went on. <<

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