Drugs, Gender, & Art with Ängie

>> Angelina Dehn, better known as Ängie, is a Swedish pop artist who doesn't hold back. She smokes cannabis and raps about being unapologetically bisexual. Signed to the Universal Music Group and has just released her recent single "Dope" in February of this year. Check out our interview with her where she talks about drugs, mental illness, and gender.

Do you ever run into problems with how openly you talk about weed, because technically its illegal most places?

No, I haven't run into any problems yet, but someday I'm sure it will happen.

Does it affect touring, driving, or flying etc?

No, they checked my fans at a Swedish festival for weed, and that sucked because some actually missed the show.

Aside from smoking weed are there other ways you manage your anxiety? (yoga, meditation, reading?)

I actually stopped smoking weed a couple of weeks ago cus my anxiety got worse. I'm thinking I will try meditation soon or yoga.

Philosophy on tattoos? Any tattoo stories? DIY Tattoos?

I’ve done five of my tattoos but now my girl @natasaslisket does my tattoos. My tattoos don’t mean shit, I just love art.

Do you have a Pastel hair routine? That shit ain’t easy to upkeep.

Nah, and my hair got really damaged so I'm happy I coloured my hair black. I look like a goth queen or snow white.

Being so open about sex and drugs, do you feel like people expect you to be the “crazy wild girl” all the time?

I'm actually like the calmest / most anxious girl ever but I understand people see me as crazy because of my humor.

Being bisexual and from a conservative place to you find that it’s easier now to deflect homophobia?

I haven't got any hate since ages, Sweden is actually getting better, but there is still a lot of homophobia and transphobia.

Any time you overdid it with weed/other drugs? Was it fun? Nah?

Not on weed, it’s like impossible... but I did so much coke one time I thought I was gonna die. That's why I hate coke now.

Are there any drugs you will not do?

I won't do acid or heroin, and I don’t support ecstasy at all, that shit dangerous. DON'T DO ECSTASY FOLKS!

How would you describe everyday life with BPD?

Anxious and hard. I feel sorry for myself and others all the time.

Do you feel like it’s hard to be taken seriously as someone who is young and a woman talking about subjects that we usually hear referenced by men in the music industry? What can we all be doing to help out the gender gap? Is there a gender gap?

Talk about it, don't let fuckers fuck with you or decide your way of being just because of gender…

What’s the number one thing you would want other kids who are in hard situations to know?/What do you wish someone would have said to you?

Things get better if you change it yourself.

You had mentioned previously about being interested in photography and art before the music path gained traction, any other art you are working on now, or any past projects you’d like to share?

No, I paint and do photography and videos. It's my thang!

You get to write a children’s animated movie, what’s the elevator pitch of the plot?

A boy who gets rescued from a tower from a lesbian girl, who kills a giant spider.

xx ÄNGIE <<