So Many Feelings

>> Rush Week was formed in 2016 by Rachel K. Haines and producer James Benjamin Thomas who hail from Philadelphia. They combine NU Disco, Soul, and R&B sounds from the end of the 70s and beginning of the 80s. Recently releasing their first single, "Feelings", earlier this March, their debut album Feels coming out April 6th. While you wait in anticipation check out our interview with them!

So once upon a time you guys met, fell in love, and had a kid named Rush Week, right?

James: This is a bit of a leading question...hmmm, I'll leave it to your imagination.

In “Feelings” we’ve heard a nearly orgasmic symphony of Rachel’s vocals, will we also get to hear some vocals from James on your debut album?

James: It's possible but what fun would it be to give away the ending, I guess you will need to listen to the album to hear for yourself.

“People make a serious mistake in thinking that you give to those whom you love”, Can you explain this quote from the intro of your music video?

From the video's director, Juanma Carillo: "Not really, was a sentence from a priest, and I was thinking like the song is a love song, was something intriguing. in Spanish we say a lapidary phrase..."

What are your biggest pipe dreams outside of your music careers?

Rachel: Music is the ultimate dream but I also wouldn't mind being the next blonde, pale, plus-size supermodel.

Talk about the worst side jobs you’ve ever had while working as musicians.

Rachel: I was a waiter for years and I've also done my fair share of weird recording session gigs to pay the bills...

What’s the first song you ever fell in love with?

Rachel: "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper was really my childhood anthem. My sister can tell you that I played out that cassette tape and I probably got my first vocal nodes from trying to hit those high notes.

Rachel, how does your modeling career influence your music or vice versa?

Rachel: Fashion and music go hand in hand so I've been really lucky to meet amazing photographers, designers, artists, and models that influence the music. The plus size modeling community is extremely supportive because most of those gals are also musicians, actors, burlesque artists, etc. We are always looking to collaborate and support each other.

You have an MFA in psychology for musicians, maybe you can tell us what the fuck actually goes down in the minds of creatives like yourself?

Rachel: I wish I could! All I know is that our common threads are our egos, crippling self-doubt and our need to put something creative out there, even if people think it's shit. Maybe we just enjoy the pain?

What do you want people to know before they hear the killer new album?

James: This record was a labor of love and distills down many of our musical influences. Enjoy with a cool drink, on a warm beach. <<