Pawner, Breaking Pop-Punk Stereotypes

>> Pawner is a band out of Rochester, New York who describe themselves as a slightly heavier Pop-Punk band with an Alternative twist. Rising against the stereotypes, they don’t mention any hate for their hometown or pizza! The band was founded by Aidan Snyder, lead singer and guitarist. Jesse Ambrose (guitarist), Tyler Munson (bassist), and Zak Steele (drummer) later joined. We had the pleasure of talking to them about the end of Warped Tour, favorite television shows, and their favorite Rochester bands.

Pawner has an EP out, Broken Switches, which was released in 2016. They are currently recording an album at Wicked Squid Studios. While recording they also have a couple of upcoming shows, April 15th at The Firehouse Saloon in Rochester and May 7th at Mohawk Place in Buffalo.

The big news from the Pop-Punk world this year is the end of Warped Tour. So, of course, we had to ask the guys from Pawner what they thought of it. There was a mutual agreement that it is a tragedy and marks the end of an era. Tyler said, “15-year-old me is crippling.” Aidan was very disappointed that Taking Back Sunday was only playing one date.

While we continue to silently mourn the death of Warped Tour we decided to change to a lighter tone. We asked the guys what other interests or hobbies they have besides music. Their response, binging televisions shows. The dudes in Pawner dig Archer, The Office, and Bojack Horseman. In fact, at their first show ever they happened to play the theme song at the end of the credits of Bojack Horseman. Aiden remarked, “It was interesting because at the time it was new and nobody knew. It's somewhat obscure but it has gotten a bigger fan base over the year.”

Since the Rochester music scene has grown in the last couple of years, we decided to ask Pawner what their favorite Rochester bands are. Their response was, “Storm the Bay, Rescue Don, Full Body, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Willow Bay, Reps, Thunder Body, and Polar Bear Club.” In fact, they are named after a song by Polar Bear Club.

We eagerly await the release of Pawner’s next album, as we know these guys are not going to disappoint! <<