New Music Friday - Get Into The Spring Spirit

1. "Raw" Live video by Sigrid

This week has been dominated by Sigrid! I'd featured her new track "Raw" in New Music Friday two weeks ago, and this week we got TWO new pieces - a new track called "I Don't Want To Know" as well as a LIVE music video for "Raw". The first place that I saw this video was on her Facebook Live! The video features live vocals, showing us a behind the scenes look of a day in the life on tour. With the beat cutting in and out as she changes environments, as well as the "live" streaming of the video, it's the perfect visual to accompany track thematically!

Just take a second to take in the jealousy of her voice. Shit, she kicks ass.

Check out the new video for "Raw" below!

2. "Sha La La" by The Technicolors

Straight-up kickass rock and roll. The Technicolors are back with "Sha La La", the latest in their brand of garage pop. Gritty guitar, pumped-up vocals, and melodic solos make for an excellent weekend jam. Turn on, tune in, and rock out to some of the best feel-good rock of the year. The sun's coming out, it's starting to get warm, and The Technicolors just released the soundtrack to your spring.

Check out "She La La" below!

3. "Friends" by NONONO

Ever wonder what the theme song would be if Miami Vice came out today? "Friends", the latest single from Swedish dance-pop group NONONO, is here to answer that. "Friends" kicks off with a drum fill straight out of the 80s, and builds into a synth-based track that'll have you dancing along in your chair. Pack some friends in your car, roll down the windows, and blast this song until your mirrors rattle. Doesn't matter where you're headed, you'll have a good time getting there.

Check out "Friends" below!

4. "Camelot" by Skating Polly

NONONO too downtempo for you? Don't worry, we've got you covered. How about some fresh girl punk out of Oklahoma City, in the form of Skating Polly's new single "Camelot". High-gain guitars meet wailing vocals in a medieval-themed ode to wanting what you can't have. Keep an eye out for Skating Polly's upcoming full-length release. It'll be one worth waiting for.

Check out "Camelot" below!

5. "Never Say Die" by CHVRCHES

Need to get some emotion out after a long week? CHVRCHES has you covered. "Never Say Die", their latest single, builds its way up from a relaxing melody to an all-out anthem. Booming drums and driving synths come together to form one hell of a stress reliever. Lauren Mayberry's vocals, excellent as always, put you in just the right mood to carry into the first night of the weekend. Unload those five days of stress. You've earned it.

Check out "Never Say Die" below!