Hardcore Night at the California Brewhaus Featuring: Knocked Loose, Terror, Year of the Knife, I Dis

I Disappear

Year of the Knife

I’ve been going to punk shows at the California Brewhaus since one of my friends first turned 16 and got the keys to his parent's cars, but I have never seen a show as energetic as this there before in my life. So the night starts off with a pat down at the door to make sure no one had any weapons on them (this is Rochester) that's just something you get accustomed to here. I've got say the guy who gave me the once over was kind, courteous, and professional. Didn’t hit any of the ticklish spots and didn’t linger. But when you prepare to go into a show and launch yourself off of a stage at strangers and hope someone catches you, who really is that scared of weapons. The show starts off, I Disappear and Year of the Knife get the crowd going. Pits open up, everyone feels out where the boundary is and plans their vantage point to the stage accordingly.

Few crowd surfers hit the stage, which is something I had never seen at this venue, granted I have not been there in a few years. They used to put you in a choke hold and drag you out for moshing but the crow was getting amped. Honestly, both

I Disappear and Year of the Knife killed it. They hit the stage with a ton of energy and didn’t let up throughout their sets.

Really this show was amazing because of the energy coming from the crowd. That’s not to say anything against the bands. In a concert, it is a symbiotic relationship. However, in my, experience, it’s more often than not that the band has more energy than the crowd. This was not the case, the crowd fed off the bands and the bands fed off the crowd. Both amping each other up.

Jesus Piece

That became clear once Jesus Piece started playing. The crowd began whipping into more and more of a frenzy. Mind you this is only the third band out of five. Terror went on stage, they are seasoned veterans in this scene, which is pretty evident when they are playing. That’s when I noticed something interesting, the front of the crowd changed from the first two bands. There was a mix of both the young kids I had been seeing and some of the older people that I had seen coming into the show but hadn’t seen up until this point. That’s the crazy thing about this music, most parents pass it off as a phase when their kids start blasting it out of their bedroom speakers, but it doesn’t seem to be working out that way. I’ve been to some big punk and metal festivals and you typically see this more there. Old fans come out to see their favorite band from growing up. But this is Rochester we typically don’t get those bands in here as much. The front couple rows you could see an age range from 40 to 13. All of them screaming lyrics back at the lead singer all jumping on and off stage. Now I know this happens in other genres, but a parent taking their kid to an arena show of a top 40 band that they grew up with much different than a bar off Ridge Road, where people are bouncing around so much there is visible steam coming off the mass of them.


Knocked Loose sealed it.

I will say this, I don’t think that the sound system there could handle the low end of what’s in their recordings. But who the fuck is going to these shows for precision audio mixing. We are there to hear the music we like at whatever quality, let out some aggression, and have a good time. Knocked Loose came out strong and stayed that way through the whole set. Even if the power went out it wouldn’t have mattered, everyone was yelling the lyrics along with them loud enough to match what was coming out of the speakers. All the time people say, oh so and so band puts on a great show. I always respond by saying, what makes a great show? The Lights? The Sound System? Maybe they said something funny in between songs? This show was great because this is music that people are passionate about.


Knocked Loose