New Music Friday - Put On Some Sweats, And Share Some Cold Ones At Home This Weekend

1. "Sex & Food" Album by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Today gives us the long awaited return of Uknown Mortal Orchestra! Its about time, and I'm surprised my copy of "Multi-Love" hasn't been totally destroyed from excessive use yet. This time around we're given a totally different beast than we recieved with the last release. The album starts off with a lot less hype and mystery, and the intro track "A God Called Hubris" feels like it should have been a mid-record interlude. In fact, the whole record is pretty slow. Tracks like "Hunnybee" and "Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays" throw out some of that familiar upbeat groove, but the good majority of the record won't get you up dancing. On the flip side they shred the fuck out on the single "American Guilt" as well as the second track on the record, "Major League Chemicals".

If you're staying in tonight and want to vege the hell out, throw some incense on, turn off the lights, and queue this up front to back.

Check out "Sex & Food" below!

2. "Feels" Album by Rush Week

A few weeks back we featured the Philly-based duo's video for the song "Feelings" on our New Music Friday post. This week we get to show you the full debut album! For a first release, this record is tight as hell from top to bottom. The production is kept pretty simple, with an airy mix of basslines reminiscient of Fleetwood Mac in "Under The Gun", super 80s groovy as hell drum and synth combos in "Crush", heavy party ready electrontic throw downs in "Young", and way too catchy clap track beats in "Last Dance".

This record will take you on a beautiful indie-pop rollercoaster, to slip you right into pre-game mode tonight!

Check out "Feels" below!

3. "What You Want" by Young Thieves

Keeping it strong on the 80s vibes, next in line this week is the debut single from New York based electro/indie-pop group Young Thieves. Right off the bat I got a hard vibe of Nile Rodgers tearning up that funky guitar. Layer that under some more modern, simple, super relatable pop vocals, and toss in and anthemic, screaming guitar solo that takes the glory over the ending vocals and you've got the indie-pop equivalent of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" to kick off your weekend strong.

Check out the video for "What You Want" below!

4. "All That Love Is" by HALFNOISE

What's up with Zac Farro's fascination with French? I don't know, but I LOVE it. I'm also headed off to France in a few weeks so this new track's French language opening could not have come at a better time to get me PSYCHED..and also ready to queue up their track "French Class" next. I can't find anything not to like about this track. Tambourines, bongos, maybe some subtle cowbell in there, and the super weird and dreamy vocal layers of Zac Farro make this new single everything I want HALFNOISE to be giving us!

The full "Flowerss" EP drops on May 4th, so we'll have some sweet grooves to cleanse our palettes between binge-watching every Star Wars film that day.

Check out "All That Love Is" below!

5. "AZ" by Now, Now

If you've never heard the duo Now, Now, get on your favorite DSP and check it out NOW (now)! This new track is has a lot darker feel that what we've been used to with their bangin' track "SGL", but is equally as catchy and gives us all the feels. I'm amped up, chilled out and super nostalgic all at the same time. They've pieced together the perfect mix of trippy and slick visuals that could work equally well for a metal band, and placed them over the audio that is a slick creation of indie rock that even the most "cool guy" hipster Bon Iver martyrs will accidentally get hooked on.

The new album is now available for pre-order and is available everywhere May 18th!

Check out the video for "AZ" below!