New Music Friday - Third Winter Warmup

1. "Blindmaker" video by Fil Bo Riva

Winter weather doesn't seem to stop, but that doesn't mean your music has to be as dark as your days. Fil Bo Riva is here to help, with the latest single off his upcoming debut album. He's been touring around Europe for a while in support of his EP, but finally made it into the studio for "Blindmaker". High-pitched, airy vocals complement smooth guitar-led synthpop to lift your spirits above the New York clouds. Once the chorus kicks in, all your work-week stress will dissipate like the video's fog machine.

Check out "Blindmaker" below!

2. "Midnight Crusade" by Dance Gavin Dance

Maybe you've had a really, really long week. No amount of synthpop is going to vent your stress and frustration. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Try screaming along to "Midnight Crusade", the latest track out of Dance Gavin Dance. Their post-hardcore sound shifts from almost pop-punk to full-on screaming vocals and wailing guitars. Crank the volume, read the lyrics out of the YouTube description, and yell until your throat hurts. It's Friday night. You've earned it.

Check out "Midnight Crusade" below!

3. "Miracle" by CHVRCHES

"Miracle" is a bit of a new direction for CHVRCHES. The verses and pre-chorus lull you into thinking it's a straight continuation of the last album, but then the chorus hits. The melodic synth drops to a driving bassline, the drum machine flips the switch from electropop to a booming anthemic sound, and Lauren's vocals get some high-gain edge. If the face-melting scene from "Raider of the Lost Ark" came out today, it'd be set to "Miracle".

Check out the video for "Miracle" below!

4. "Nyc Woman" by Johnny & The Bootlegs

Need some classic blues-rock in your life? Look no further. Johnny & The Bootlegs just released their first album last year, and they've already got two singles out in 2018. If you're concerned they might hold quantity over quality, you're dead wrong. Classic British Invasion guitar tone blends with lyrics that are more yelled than sung, forming a sound that brings the basement show right to you. Crack open your favorite party beer, it's going to be a good night.

Check out "Nyc Woman" below!

5. "Pynk (ft. Grimes)" by Janelle Monáe ft. Grimes

Janelle Monáe and Grimes have worked together before, on Grimes' last album. They're reunited on "Pynk", and the two have really found a songwriting groove. Monáe's more downtempo, rap-influenced sound gets a twist in the form of Grimes' high-pitched vocals and simple synths. "Pynk" is an anthem to femininity, using the color to represent the things that every person has in common. Keep an eye out for the full album "Dirty Computer", dropping two weeks from now!

Check out the video for "Pynk" below!