PREMIERE - Mojave Nomads Release Their Video for "Creature Double Feature", A Cinematic Lo

>> You’d be forgiven for not knowing who Mojave Nomads are. Outside of their native Utah, they’re a bit hard to find. But if you haven’t seen their new music video, “Creature Double Feature”, you’re missing out.

The Song

“Creature Double Feature” was originally released in 2016, but it’s been fully re-recorded for this video. The song itself didn’t change much, but the recording style shows how far Mojave Nomads have come. Two years ago, their sound was still a bit up in the air, and the recording shows that. By now, though, they’ve got their shit together.

For the past few years, there’s been an interesting trend in indie music. Tune in to any alternative radio station, and you’ll hear song after song with a heavy 1980s influence. With “Creature Double Feature”, it seems like Mojave Nomads have gotten bored of hearing that 80s sound. Instead, they’re going further back for their inspiration: the 1970s. With psych-rock guitar, simple synth, and vocals with heavy falsetto, Mojave Nomads have taken the best genres of the late 70s and wrapped them all into one song.

The high point of the Mojave Nomads sound isn’t even their unique influences. Instead, it’s the fact that they never settle for what’s easy. Listen through “Creature Double Feature” and focus on any one instrument. Any chance they get to cut loose, they do. Sure, the guitar could do some simple chords, but arpeggios are more interesting. The bass could easily just play a simple rhythm, but instead opts for Flea-style riffs. Mojave Nomads don’t want to be bored playing their music, and they end up with a sound that’s never boring to hear.

The Video