New Music Friday - Pretending It's Finally Spring

1. "City Looks Pretty" by Courtney Barnett

We're less than a month out from Courtney Barnett's next full-length release, and the hits just keep on coming. "City Looks Pretty" is the third single off the album, and it's the perfect way to start your weekend. Roll your windows down, crank the aux, and let Courtney DJ your ride home. It may be cold out, but "City Looks Pretty" is the perfect tune to get you warmed up.

Check out "City Looks Pretty" below!

2. "Alcohol" by FIDLAR

Courtney Barnett got your drive home started, but now you're stuck. Traffic's hell, you're parked on the highway, and you're pissed. You need a song to scream along to, something to get all that emotion out while still getting you ready to kick back for the weekend. Lucky for you, FIDLAR's got you covered. "Alcohol" brings out a perfect summer mood, blowing off steam after a long week with a few friends & a few beers.

Check out "Alcohol" below!

3. "2002" by Anne-Marie

Now that FIDLAR's done, and your throat is sore, let's bring things down a notch. Ever have one of those days where you're just done being an adult? Tax day is over and done, and you're just ready to be a kid again. How about turning back the clock a solid sixteen years? Anne-Marie's got the song for you. "2002" has the upbeat synths and nostalgic lyrics to make you forget all about that tax return you're not getting.

Check out "2002" below!

4. "Wish You Would" by Marian Hill

As long as we're feeling synthy, let's go all the way. Marian Hill's got an album coming up in May, and if it's anything like the singles we're in for a damn good time. "Wish You Would" is a beautiful example of that signature sound that you can't find anywhere else. If "2002" finished your drive home, "Wish You Would" is the perfect way to relax for your Friday night.

Check out "Wish You Would" below!

5. "Yellow" by Mavi Phoenix

Now that you're relaxed, let's end on a high note. Mavi Phoenix is one of the most unique artists making new music today, and her new track "Yellow" is no exception. Make this the soundtrack to your pregame, and your night's guaranteed to go well. Get used to her sound now, because Mavi Phoenix is going to be the soundtrack to your summer.

Check out "Wish You Would" below!