Light Beer, Wings, and Animal Preferences. A Chat with The Rifts.

>> The Rifts are a blues-infused Rock n' Roll band out of Buffalo, New York. The band is made up of members Brendan Hoare (vocals/rhythm guitar), Cory Clancy (lead guitar), Dylan MacDonell (drums), and Ryan Donohue (bass). We had the opportunity to sit down and talk about their favorites: Buffalo bands, places to get wings, light beer, mixed drinks, and their new EP. Check em out!

Brendan: First off, I’m Brenden, I sing and play rhythm guitar

Cory: Cory, I play lead guitar

Ryan: Ryan, I play bass

Dylan: I’m Dylan, and I play drums

How did you guys meet?

Brendan: Well Cory and I knew each other since we were very young, but we never did anything musically until college. Then, Dylan has known Ryan since they were pretty young, but they didn't do anything musically until Ryan joined the band. And then, Cory joined, and I was in another band at the time, then I wasn't anymore, then we formed The Rifts pretty much. We had another bassist at the time, but he left, and then Ryan joined.

Who are your influences?

Brendan: I think we’re all across the board pretty much, we all have our own tastes in music.

Cory: I like all my old 80’s stuff, I don’t know, any good rock n’roll I approve of.

Ryan: 80s rock, 70s rock, The Doors, Led Zeppelin.

Dylan: I pretty much listen to anything, but as a drummer probably the 60s and 70s.

Brendan: I am into a lot of classic rock, like Beatles and Led Zeppelin, but I like a lot of modern rock like The Strokes, The Black Keys, and Foo Fighters. Also like bluesy kind of stuff, it's kind of reflected in the music.

What bands in Buffalo do you admire?

Brendan: That is an awesome question, the cool thing about us is we try to play with a lot of bands during our shows, but we have our cores ones that we go to and get along well with, so I would have to say Johnny Hart and the Mess is definitely one, Witty Tarbox is another. We’re really good friends with Marquee Grand. I mean like personally, I like Dreambeaches a lot, Made Violent is a go-to answer since their pretty well known. Oh, Fever Box is another one, we’re buddies with them. That be a good list of starters, all the bands!

What is the best show/band line up have you seen?

Brendan: I saw Royal Blood at Town Ballroom last summer, and that was one of the craziest shows ever because their a band that is just so loud and that puts out huge sound, that like playing in a venue like Town Ballroom, it's just a wall of sound smashing you.

Dylan: Get the Led Out, they're good.

Where is your favorite place to get wings?

Brendan: I like Gabriel's Gate.

Cory: 911, of South Buffalo

Brendan: Barbill. Dylan likes Pizza Hut wings. That’s not being serious, he doesn't really like Pizza

Hut wings. But yeah, 911, Barville, Gabriel's Gate, our go-to ones off the top of our heads. What's your favorite wing place here?

I like Duff’s, I like spicy wings.

Brendan: That's solid. Hey, as long as you like them, as long as you live in the moment who cares what happens after?

What's your favorite light beer?

Dylan: Blue light all day!

Brendan: Blue Light or Busch.

Dylan: Busch Latte *laughs*

What about favorite mixed drinks?

Brendan: I’m a whiskey sour guy, personally, that's probably an unpopular opinion but that's okay.

Cory: Rum and Coke.

Are you guys dog people or cat people?

Brendan: So Ryan is dog, Dylan is cat, Cory is probably cat, I’m probably a mix because I have two cats but I also really like dogs, I volunteer with dogs at an animal shelter, oh that's true there are health concerns. Are you a cat or a dog person?

I’m a dog person. Dogs are obviously better.

Brendan: I don’t know, you're getting some looks over here

Do you guys have any crazy party stories?

Brendan: Oh do we… Yeah, last year the three of us; Cory, Dylan, and I. Our senior year, it was one of our first shows, we played a huge outdoor house show at Fred Fest. It was crazy people were crowd surfing, there was a dude spitting fire, I swear to god, it was crazy. Cory killed a guy, it was wild. The killing didn't happen but the fire-breathing did. We went back last year, a ton of people were there. We literally got 3 songs in, we were covering ‘Good Time, Bad Times’ by Led Zeppelin, and right before the solo right where there was a perfect drop in the music, somehow the timing worked out when the music had stopped and I turned around and there were police officers there. So we tried for like 15 minutes to convince them, Cory kept trying to solo, we were pretty drunk trying to get them to let us play, so as you can imagine it didn't work out well so the show ended up getting busted... Our EP release show was wild. We had that at The Waiting Room, RIP. But we played there and almost sold out up there .there were a lot of people there, and they were going pretty crazy. We played at The Tralf, that was cool. Hopefully, our upcoming EP release will top all of that, I doubt the fire-breathing will happen, but yeah.

When is your EP Releasing?

Brendan: Gonna be released on Friday, July 20th, and the EP release party and Mr. Goodbar on the 21st, the day after from that, on Saturday.

What kind of garage are you?

Brendan: A garage!? Like a physical door?

...A barn door *laughs*

Cory: Overhead door

Brendan: Have you asked this question before?

Nope, but we’ve asked weirder questions. But you guys play garage music, so why not. What