Bishop Briggs - Church of Scars: Sounds of the Summer

>> When the name Bishop Briggs comes up, it’s always accompanied by mention of her hit song “River”. A listen through her first full-length, “Church of Scars”, proves she’s more than a one-hit wonder.

The Good:

Bishop Briggs has a voice like no other. You’ll hear “range” tossed around in reference to any vocalist, and Sarah McLaughlin is no exception. But where most singers have range from high notes to low ones, Bishop Briggs has it in everything. Her tone, from smooth mournful notes to voice-breaking screams. Her emotion, vocally representing any feeling a person could have. And, yeah, high notes and low ones.

Special credit also goes to the mixing on “Church of Scars”. It can come out a bit underwhelming through headphones, but listening through proper speakers brings out a ton of depth in each song. Add a subwoofer into the mix, and “Church of Scars” becomes outright dramatic.

The Bad:

Almost a third of this album comes off Bishop Briggs’ first EP. While that alone may not be bad, or even all that unusual, her EP was two years ago. It would’ve been nice to get some more material since 2016, rather than another release of her old hits.


Don’t be surprised if you hear a lot from Bishop Briggs in the next few months. “Church of Scars” has all of the right sounds to be a summer anthem album. With its dramatic sound, perfect mixing, and unbelievable vocal performances, how could it not be? Luckily for all of us, it’s a summer anthem album that doesn’t get old. 4.4/5 <<