New Music Friday - A Summer Of Girl Power

1. "Real Shit (ft. KYLE)" by Sophia Black

Welcome to hip-hop in the age of the Internet. Don't be fooled by the VCR aesthetic, the overalls, or the flip phones; "Real Shit" is a product of 2018. It forgoes flowery lyrics for something down-to-earth and relatable. Just in time for summer, Sophia Black and KYLE have made the cold brew of music: light, enjoyable, but still something that'll get you through your day. Is it a little weird to start your weekend off by thinking about how life's not perfect? Maybe. But where's the fun in perfection?

Check out "Real Shit" below!

2. "Twerp Verse" by Speedy Ortiz

Speedy Ortiz hasn't dropped a full-length album since 2015, but the timing couldn't be better for their comeback. With the modern wave of feminist rock that's making headlines, we've been waiting for more from the Massachusetts four-piece. Luckily for us, "Twerp Verse" doesn't disappoint. Dig out that hammock that's been sitting in your closet for months, grab your headphones, and let Speedy Ortiz get you into the summer spirit a few months early.

Check out "Twerp Verse" below!

3. "Dirty Computer" by Janelle Monáe

What do you do when you're a counter-culture pop artist, and want to celebrate the release of your new album? If you're Janelle Monáe, you release a 40-minute "emotion picture" to accompany the mood of your music. "Dirty Computer" strings one coherent plot through the songs and music videos of the album, bringing everything into one dystopian world. It's a story of drifting away from the norm, from what society expects you to be. If you're looking to kick your weekend off with some minor acts of rebellion against the world at large, "Dirty Computer" is the perfect soundtrack.

Check out "Dirty Computer" below!

4. "Currency" by Ivy Adara

Ivy Adara is a bit of a new face on the scene, but far from an unwelcome one. "Currency" is only the second single off her upcoming debut EP, but don't be surprised if you see more and more of her in the rest of 2018. Her vocal harmonies, bass-heavy beats, and big hooks mean she'll be sticking around for a while. Don't resist your new pop music overlord, just kick back and enjoy.

Check out "Currency" below!

5. "Delivery" by Mikaela Davis

Mikaela Davis is another artist that's been absolutely blowing up. Fresh off her European tour supporting Bon Iver, she's got a full debut album due out in just over a month. "Delivery" is a bit of a new sound for Mikaela, with more distortion and less harp making for an absolutely huge sound. Maybe "Sweet Caroline" is getting a bit old for you, and you're looking for a new song to scream along to at last call. Don't worry. Mikaela Davis has you covered.

Check out "Delivery" below!