This Post is Precious

>> Post Precious is the new side project of Alex Winston and MS MR’s Max Hershenow. Their longtime friendship turned into a creative collaboration when both artists found themselves moving from New York to Los Angeles. The name Post Precious is a statement of the ethos around the project – freed from the yoke of the label system, they’ve tried to focus their joint project on what’s fulfilling and fun about making music. Not only is the music a fresh new venture for the two, but the decision to self-release the project is a new frontier for the both of them. Fans of both MS MR and Winston’s solo work will be thrilled to hear the new EP in 2018.

Who came up with the idea for the dope Facebook cover photo?! Real talk, it’s so intriguing.

It was kind of a fluke! We were on a photo shoot with our incredible photographer friend Samantha Marquart and we just happened to stop in front of that green tree in our green outfits. Neither of us expected that photo to be THE shot, but it was definitely the standout!

All of your photos are so damn classy and timelessly styled; Do you guys have a particular photographer for all of your branding?

We really love collaborating with our friends...and we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many talented people! We've worked with a bunch of great photographers, but two of our main collaborators are Julian Buchan and Liam Moore – they have been so amazing with honing in on our vision of simple yet strong. We are very into monochromatic color schemes and we've drawn a lot of inspiration from sleek modern architectural structures.

From reading about your stories, it seems like the music industry has been a fuckin' roller coaster for you both; what’s the best and worst thing about the job?

A. The best thing about being a musician for a living is just that...being a musician for a living. I get to express myself in so many different, exciting ways. The worst part is when crusty old executives block you from doing your job ;)

M. For me the best part is getting to work with so many different kinds of incredibly inspiring people. The worst part is when you've worked really hard on something, send it off, and then whoever you're waiting on just doesn't happens all the time and is incredibly frustrating.

In light of both of your individual projects and careers, do you foresee Post Precious becoming your new main gig?

We are really taking it day by day. We are having so much fun and aren't really worried about labeling or defining what the project has to be at the moment.

How did you meet Ryn Weaver? What was it like getting to write “Lose Myself” with her?

M. I've been friends with Ryn since back in my MS MR days – we had overlapping friend groups in NYC and were on the same festival circuit for years. She and I have been working together a ton, both for her and for other people, and I loved the idea of combining forces with both Alex and her. She's a genius writer, probably one of the best in the world.

You’ve got some crazy cool disco/synthpop kind of vibes running throughout the song, can we expect more of the same from your debut album whenever that comes about?

Not sure we're working towards a full album, but yeah that's the vibe! Part of the ethos of Post Precious is giving ourselves the freedom to shift focus as our interests evolve, so who knows what we'll be working on in the future :)

Alex, you’ve always got a very stoic, almost hypnotic gaze, especially in music videos. Is this a natural aura or is it just how you get into the zone of your music?

A. I think at least for the Timebomb video, we were almost acting as structural images, which is such a contrast to how we perform live. I'm a total asshole on stage.

What’s a topic you’ve always wanted to write about but have never gotten the chance to?

A. Jonestown M. Lol

Alex, we know your mom is a fan of Post Precious’s “Sign of the Times” cover (as per a small social media stalk...), have both of your families always been so supportive?

A. Haha yes, my mom is a big fan, but also a giant ham. She probably should have been the performer, not me. But in all seriousness, my parents have been very supportive of me going down the musical road. My dad is an incredible musician and taught me most of what I know.

M. My family is also super supportive...I think it's been pretty clear since I was a kid that I'd be doing something like this, and they love seeing me perform and hearing whatever I'm working on. They're completely focused on my creating good art (they're put off by anything involving celebrity or fame), so I rely on them to keep my creative and moral center.

Color, or selective color rather, seems to play such a huge role in everything you create, is there any particular reason why?

We're just going with our gut here!

What’s the next big move for Post Precious following the release of such a killer single?

We plan on releasing our EP in the next couple months and hopefully playing a few shows!<<