New Music Friday - A Summer Of Girl Power

1. "Black Car" by Beach House

Beach House is back. It's been a while since their last release, and that's counting "B-Sides and Rarities", but in that time they haven't lost an ounce of their sound. "Black Car" is the fourth single off their upcoming album, and the hits just keep on coming. With layered vocal harmonies, booming drums, and a synth that works its way into the back of your head; Beach House giving you the feeling of existence on another plane. Kick back, relax, and let these bass-heavy ambient beats carry you into the spirit of the weekend.

Check out "Black Car" below!

2. "Agenda" by Emma Blackery

All right, you all nice and chill? Perfect. Let's pick that mood up before the parties you've got tonight. We're moving into summer weather, and pop music is out in full force to meet the season. Emma Blackery may be out of England, but anyone can relate to "Agenda". It's the happy breakup song: that absolutely freeing feeling of "It's over, but I was too good for you anyway." There's no better mood to pregame your Friday night.

Check out "Agenda" below!

3. "This Party" by Houndmouth

"Agenda" a little too pop for your tastes? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Houndmouth's new single "This Party" dropped yesterday, and we can't stop listening. If you've ever gone to a party, a bar, a show that you didn't want to go to just because you had nothing better to do, this is the track for you. You're not in the mood, you don't want to be here, but you definitely don't want to be home alone. If that's the vibe of your Friday night, you're not alone. Houndmouth is here to help.

Check out "This Party" below!

4. "See Without Eyes" by The Glitch Mob

Now, not everyone gets to party on the weekends. Some of us are stuck at home, at work, or writing articles about new music. This weekend, in particular, a lot of people are out on the roads. Colleges are getting out for the summer, and people are moving back home. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten the road warriors out there. The Glitch Mob has the soundtrack to your next road trip. Get your aux going, crank the volume, and let their signature aggressive electronic sound match your speed down those pitch-black highways. You don't need a driving playlist. You've got "See Without Eyes".

Check out "See Without Eyes" below!

5. "ALMOST EVERYDAY" by Matt and Kim

Three Years after "New Glow", we were beginning to think that Matt and Kim weren't coming back. They'd gone on to bigger and better things, never to return to our ears. Lucky for us, we were only half right. They're bigger and better, but they're here to stay. Matt and Kim have the classic summer vibe sound, with upbeat synth and fast-paced drums. "ALMOST EVERYDAY" brings even more to the table, showing off a bit more variety than some of their older albums. It's barbecue weather, and now you've got your cookout soundtrack. Have fun.

Check out "ALMOST EVERYDAY" below!