Now, Now - Saved: Background Beats

>> After four years without a release or tour, people were starting to think Now, Now was gone for good. With “Saved”, they’re proving that they’re here to stay.

The Good:

“Saved” is, above all, catchy. It’s a word that gets a bad rap, but catchy music has its place. “Saved” is an album of summer background music, songs that you’d overhear at a cookout. Now, Now’s stripped-down synth beats make for a sound that can easily take a backseat to whatever you’re actually doing, but that doesn’t mean you’ll forget them. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing tracks like ”SGL” and “Holy Water” days after you’ve listened to them.

Special credit also goes to Cacie Dalager’s vocals. Her tone is in the Chvrches range, light and airy, but with some added depth. Artists trying to mimic the Purity Ring vocal track can be found everywhere you turn, but Now, Now balances that sound with some deeper, less reverb-laden sections for contrast.

The Bad:

“Saved” may make great background music, but under more scrutiny, it breaks down a bit. Namely, it’s really hard to focus on. It never really grabs your attention, it doesn’t want to be the center of your focus. “Saved” is, at its core, opening credits montage music: songs that can evoke a mood, but not carry one on their own. It’s perfect to fill dead air in a room, something you’d hear quietly in a coffee shop, but it’s hard to listen to with no other distractions.


Now, Now has made an interesting album with “Saved”. It’s a bit of a comeback for them, after four years of promises, but it’s not the kind of grandiose return you’d expect. Rather, it’s almost like an average movie soundtrack: enjoyable, but not meant to stand on its own. It’s certainly catchy, but just not very interesting. 3.6/5 <<