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Misterwives, Flint Eastwood, and Flor at Town Ballroom

>> Misterwives came to play at the Town Ballroom this past Monday, May 14th on their Let The Light In Tour. Joining them for this show was the ever talented pop band from Detriot, Michigan, Flint Eastwood, and the bright and poppy boy band from Hood River Oregon, Flor.

Flint Eastwood kicked off the night with an incredible amount of energy. Even though the crowd was small they were loud and rowdy, everyone began clapping along to the first song. Flint Eastwood, aka Jax Anderson and friends, wildly shook her double braids and jumped all around the whole stage. In between the songs she engaged with the audience, at one point even telling them she'll kick your ass in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 on Nintendo 64. Throughout her set, she even specifically pointed out people who were not participating and engaged. It was hilarious. Before their song "Queen" she offered an inspiring speech to take charge of your own life saying, "You are as capable as your heroes." The crowd was thoroughly satisfied with this performance, amped up and ready for the next band, Flor.

The crowd grew. Flor had four light cubes stacked on either side of the drummer. The light cubes blinked and changed color in time with every hit of the bass drum. It seemed as if everyone in the audience sang along with Zach Grace. His voice was dreamy, beautiful, and mesmerizing. Captivating the audience and encouraging them to bop around in time with the beat. The colors, lights, and music blended seamlessly into a beautiful performance. Everyone was eagerly waiting for Misterwives to take the stage.

Last but certainly not least, Misterwives entered the stage. All of the band members ran to their spots and began playing a lead in for the singer Mandy Lee, who hopped into place last. The crowd had now grown to fill most of Town Ballroom and everyone was screaming with excitement. Mandy made sure to use all of the stage while dancing around and the audience was fully engaged, clapping and singing along to every song. "Drummer Boy", the song she wrote for her Fiance, Etienne Bowler (drummer), started to play and they had a cute exchange of glances. You better believe this song offered a drum solo that made you dance your ass off. Mandy playfully danced back and forth with the guitarists and got the crowd moving. It was amazing to see the tight-knit bond and chemistry the band showed off effortlessly. Misterwives even changed up their own songs, offering a slower version of "Vagabond" and doing a mashed up mix of several songs. It was incredible! Their cover of "Dreams" by The Cranberries made the crowd lose their minds. This performance and overall concert experience was everything you could have dreamed of and more! <<

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