New Music Friday - Summer Vibes

1. "Compromise" by Joywave

These talented dudes from good ole Rochester, New York released a song today. If you are a fan you might recognize this song by another name, it is also known as, the "Alice" song. Appropriately named because Joywave wrote and recorded it for the film, Alice Through the Looking Glass. Sadly and unfortunately, it didn't make the cut for the soundtrack. We were happy to awake to notifications that the song was released today! Ayeee Cultco fam! Makin' Rochestarians proud!

2. "Other Lover" by Mikaela Davis

Another fellow Rochestarian released music today as well! This dreamy song is everything we never knew we needed! Mikaela Davis is constantly killin' it! Can't wait to see her perform again, fingers crossed it will be sometime soon!

3. "Tokyo Kyoto" by Cornelia Murr

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Cornelia Murr drops her debut album Lake Tear of the Clouds on July 13. Today she shared the video for the heavenly melancholic second single, "Tokyo Kyoto." Murr revealed in an interview (with Aquarium Drunkard) that the song was inspired by an unplanned pregnancy she learned about while in Japan and later chose to terminate. She eloquently explained, "It's a love song to an unborn person, as well as to myself and to anyone who has needed help loving themselves through that experience and lifting the shame that often goes with it."

4. "Limo Song" by Jack River

Jack River is an acid-pop artist from Australia! She premiered her new track, "Limo Song", last night on Australia's taste-making stationtriple j. Following the premiere, Jack River landed at #1 on Apple Music's Best Of The Week. Jack River will release new album Sugar Mountain on June 22 via Hopeless Utopian. The video for ‘"Limo Song," like its predecessors, is the product of the undeniably kinetic creative partnership between Holly Rankin (Jack River) and director Matt Sav (Tame Impala, Pond).

5. "Ghost" by Just Loud

A powerful track that questions how humans deal with love and loneliness, "Ghost" showcases Just Loud's striking vocals and fearless originality - blending pop, modern R&B, and 80's rock spirit. The video, made in collaboration with artist Aleia Murawski. Just Loud will release his 4-track debut EP entitled Episode 1 on June 15 via Five Seven Music, produced by Dave "Sluggo" Katz (Neon Trees, Katy Perry).