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>> After the mediocrity of “Ye”, Kanye has something to prove. KIDS SEE GHOSTS, his collab with Kid Cudi, aims to make up some ground.

The Good:

“KIDS SEE GHOSTS” has some of Kanye’s best production to date. Musically, it’s absolutely stellar. From aggressive beats to haunting samples. “KIDS SEE GHOSTS” hits its mark across the genre spectrum. Even downtempo, relaxed tracks still have an impact that’s lacking in a lot of other releases.

While the lyrics were the absolute worst part of “Ye”, the same isn’t the case on “KIDS SEE GHOSTS”. Kanye’s verses manage to avoid controversy by only occasionally having a meaning, while Cudi brings some real heart to the album. “Cudi Montage” puts some hard-hitting vocals over a sample from Kurt Cobain’s “Montage of Heck” to an absolutely devastating result.

The Bad:

When the lyrics shine, they shine. The rest of the time, though, things can get weird. There are moments, spread throughout the album, that feel distinctively late-stage Kanye. Lines about moving forward through adversity from the basis of the album, yet it’s never addressed that the trouble is self-made. Kanye may have done some stellar production work on “KIDS SEE GHOSTS”, but his words (and relentless scatting) can drag it down.


With “KIDS SEE GHOSTS” coming out a week after “Ye”, it’s hard not to draw parallels. Kanye and Cudi may have a name for their collab, but this is an album that’s still tied closely to Kanye’s latest release (“Freeee” even serves as a sequel to “Ghost Town”). So, if the comparisons have to happen, how do they compare? Simple: “KIDS SEE GHOSTS” is better. A lot better. It’s exactly what Kanye needs

right now: not redemption, that’s not an option, but a return to form. 3.8/5 <<

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