Alternative Buffalo's 2018 Kerfuffle

>> The sun was out, not a cloud in the sky, and a nice cool breeze came off the water. Canalside was the place to be yesterday afternoon for Alternative Buffalo's annual Kerfuffle. If you don't know what a Kerfuffle is you sure are missing out! This all-day music festival was packed with people, food trucks, and an awe-worthy lineup. Mainland, Mansionair, Family of the Year, Marian Hill, Robert Delong, Manchester Orchestra, Taking Back Sunday, Matt and Kim, and Awolnation. An alternative rock fan's dream. But it was REAL and Alternative Buffalo made this dream come true.

Mainland, an up-and-coming rock band out of New York City, took to the stage at around 1:45 pm as the crowd strolled into Canalside. Major street cred was earned as Jordan Topf wore a vintage-inspired Buffalo Bills t-shirt. Jordan Topf's beautiful voice echoed through as the audience swayed about. Mainland's performance was short and sweet.

Mansionair was up next. Their indie electronic sounds mesmerized the audience, making them feel the need to dance along. It was truly beautiful to hear such angelic sounds come from Jack Froggatt. The beats, vocals, and harmonizing were breathtaking. Goosebumps.

Family of the Year took to the stage after. Their mellow, folk, indie vibes gave the audience time to relax and enjoy the beautiful day. Good vibes and good music, that's what the people were here for.

Marian Hill hit the stage with a bang! Loud rhythm, booty shakes, and saxophone solos made the crowd go wild! The crowd was dancing and singing along with Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol. At one point Samantha left the stage for Jeremy and mysterious sax man to rock out, it was incredible.

Robert Delong was up next. After some serious technical difficulties, a very patient crowd and a stressed but composed Robert Delong, ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT! Trippy visuals on the screens on each side of the stage, a joystick that controls sounds, two drum kits, and a very energetic Robert Delong was everything I never knew I needed. K. Flay even made a digital appearance and sang along to his latest hit, "Favorite Color is Blue". With the promise of new music on the horizon, more apologies, and so many thank yous, Robert Delong said his goodbyes. Leaving us begging for more.

Manchester Orchestra came on the stage with an incredible energy. Andy Hull's voice carried me away into a trance. The band screamed as beautifully as they sung. A perfect balance and the crowd was loving every second. The gritty and emotional lyrics hit just right.

Taking Back Sunday! If only my teenage self could see me now! It was a surreal experience to see the band grew up listening to play live right in front of me. Adam Lazzara with long dark brown locks and a full bear looked much different from when I first saw the music video for "MakeDamnSure". Heck, we have all grown up. The lyrics echoed off the bridge above with everyone in the audience singing along. The angsty teenagers in us all were rejoicing and head-banging in overwhelming excitement.

Matt and Kim are always

incredible. I couldn't have asked for a better band to

follow up Taking Back

Sunday. The chemistry between Matt and Kim is undeniable. Their constant jokes and loving glances were proof that soul mates are real. Matt and Kim's goal was to make it weird and they did just that. Kim shook that booty and wildly danced around the stage, at one point she used two huge dildos to drum. Blow up sex dolls were bouncing around the crowd along with hundreds of balloons. Their energy was contagious and the crowd was in LOVE! When it came time for their last song, they rolled out two huge beach balls. And I mean HUGE. I looked around and could not find a single person that was not dancing. It felt like eternal bliss.

Awolnation finally entered the stage to wrap up Kerfuffle 2018. Aaron Bruno strolling on stage last they opened with their title-track off their latest album, "Here Come the Runts". Everyone was bopping around, singing along, and smiling like crazy. They played some of their latest album while mixing in their hits like "Sail", "Kill Your Heroes", and " Not Your Fault". The surprising hard rock cover of Madonna's "Like a Virgin" was mind-altering. Zach Irons slayed on lead guitar, playing some face-melting solos. Aaron Bruno highlighted each one of the band members by thanking them and having them solo for the audience. Listening to Awolnation end the night and seeing everyone happily dancing around losing themselves in the music was the perfect end to Kerfuffle 2018. <<