Melody’s Echo Chamber - Bon Voyage: Everything All The Time

>> It’s been six years since we’ve had new music from Melody’s Echo Chamber. After breakups, hiatus, and health scares, she’s back with “Bon Voyage”.

The Good:

“Bon Voyage” isn’t afraid to be out of the ordinary. It’s manically experimental, with genres that change as quickly as the song titles -- or even faster. No individual track is bound to one set sound (save for the minute-and-a-half “Var Har Du Vart?”), and it makes for an album full to the brim with unique musical stylings. Whether you’re looking for loud, driving dissonance or simple elevator music, “Bon Voyage” has what you’re looking for.

For all her experimentation, though, Melody knows when to stop. “Bon Voyage” has three songs over five minutes long, but none of them feel like they’re dragging on. Instead, they almost feel like multiple tracks all wrapped together under one title. Songs aren’t based on sound, they’re based on lyric and theme. It’s an interesting approach, and one that plays better than it has any right to.

The Bad:

“Bon Voyage” is, for the most part, just a bunch of experimentation. There’s nothing to link songs or themes, and the album can start to feel disjointed at times. A random sample here, a song there that doesn’t flow at all with what you heard before. It’s a series of great elements, things you’ve truly never heard before, but the whole comes together as something less than the sum of its parts.


“Bon Voyage” is unflinchingly different. It makes no attempt to pander, to look at Top 40 artists and ride their coattails to commercial success. At times, it doesn’t even try to be sonically pleasing. That’s a rarity in 2018, and it’s something the industry desperately needs. “Bon Voyage” is an album not just for the fans, but for the artist as well. It truly gives a sense that Melody Prochet is writing what she wants to, and anyone else be damned. 4/5 <<