>> Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi are Knower. Knower is an experimental pop band from Los Angeles with jazz and alternative influences. This past Sunday they played at Anthology for Rochester’s Jazz Fest. Joined by Sam Wilkes on bass guitar and Rai Thistlethwayte on the keys.

The last time I saw them was about over a year or so ago at the Yards. Back then it was just Louis and Genevieve. They were more experimental and noise influenced with a projector in the background and trippy visuals. This time it was much different! Anthology had chairs set up for the older crowd and an open pit with no barrier, you could walk right up and touch the stage. Louis and Genevieve jumped on stage wearing bright and patterned clothes. Genevieve wearing a white and red glitter top reminding me of a gymnast outfit but paired with poofy yellow zebra printed skirt. Louis matched with white and black zebra printed pants.

The crowd was a mix of older folks, young children, teens, and millennials. It was so beautiful to see one band draw such a wide range of people. Knower was INCREDIBLE! The jazz influence, video game inspired noises, and beautiful melodic notes flowing from Genevieve as she danced around in time with the rhythm was intriguing. I can definitely say I have never heard anything like it before. As I turned around to look at the crowd I saw old and young people alike dancing with huge grins on their faces. The power that these musicians have to make people forget about their problems and live in the moment in complete bliss is a true gift.