>> The last time I saw In the Valley Below they played at The Waiting Room in Buffalo. The last time I saw Sir Sly they played for Alternative Buffalo’s 2017 Kerfuffle. This time In the Valley Below opened for Sir Sly at the Town Ballroom. It was even more than I could have imagined. Perfect.

For those of you who don’t know In the Valley Below they are a lovely indie rock/dream pop duo, Jeffrey Jacob and Angela Gail. Their chemistry and stage presence will make you fall in love with them and their music! Angela walked out on stage in a gorgeous flowing patterned dress with wide sleeves and a lace trim. While Jeffrey strutted the stage in an all-white suit. The picturesque modern indie couple. Jeffrey slayed on guitar and Angela accompanied him with melodic and intricate parts on the keyboard. Everyone was blown away at how upbeat, catchy, and down-right beautiful their songs, lyrics, and overall performance was. As I snuck away to the bathroom after their set, I hear two women talking about how great it was to hear such a surprisingly stunning opener. They were right. Jeffrey and Angela are the most kindhearted and down to earth people.

Sir Sly entered the stage. Sir Sly isn’t just the lead singer Landon Jacobs, the band is also made up of two more important people, Jason Suwito and Hayden Coplen. Landon pointed this out on stage. In fact, Jason Suwito is the person who produced their two albums, “Don’t You Worry, Honey” and “You Haunt Me”. Behind the band there was a huge light-up brain, flickering to the beat and changing colors based on each song. Landon was almost unrecognizable as he had recently shaved his long locks. Jumping around and making the most of their wide space on the stage, Sir Sly was energetic. Playing a mix of old and new songs, you could see everyone was super into the music, dancing along, bobbing their heads with the rhythm, and singing. Landon stopped to talk to the crowd about his journey over the last two albums. His mother being diagnosed with brain cancer, questioning everything about his life and faith, depression, his mother dying from brain cancer, his divorce, and how important it is to have friends like Jason and Hayden who convinced him to channel his emotions back into his music when he was having a rough time. I’ve never been to a concert where the artist has shared so much from his personal life and been so sincere and honest. He even said, “if you don’t have any friend’s don’t worry I will be your friend”. Standing there in the crowd and hearing someone I look up to talk about his struggles and how he overcame them gave me strength and hope. Two things I never thought I would find in a concert venue. Sir Sly wrapped up their set with their two latest hits, “High” and “&run”, the crowd screamed every word and danced wildly, all of their problems and worries melting away. <<