New Music Friday - Indie Weekend!

1. "Greyhound" by Calpurnia

Calpurnia is Finn Wolfhard's band, yes the same Finn from Stranger Things! This talented dude has taken the television series world by storm, now he is on to conquer the music world! Check out their latest music video for "Greyhound". Their EP Scout was just recently released, you can stream it now on Spotify.

2. "Forgetter" by Mr. Little Jeans

Born and raised in the woodsy, seaside town of Grimstad, Norway, Mr Little Jeans (Monica Birkenes) spent her childhood immersed in music. "Forgetter" is here to remind you that even after the most brutal of break ups, everything is going to be ok; "I wrote ‘Forgetter’ after a devastating break-up. I was severely depressed. But once I accepted how toxic the relationship had been, my mental state did a 180, almost overnight. I suddenly felt like I had super powers. ‘Forgetter’ is about this journey and the belief that you will survive a fall — no matter how dark," Monica Birkenes said.

3. "High as Hope" by Florence + The Machine

Florence + The Machine are back after not releasing music since 2015. Her single "Hunger" might just be one of the top hits this summer! We are so happy to hear another album from this indie goddess!

4. "Watchdog" by Gringo Star

Atlanta’s Gringo Star will announced the release their 5th album Back To The City on Aug 24th. The album is the band offering another fresh take of garage, psychedelic and classic rock and roll! Back To The City is the first album recorded with Gringo Star’s newest secret weapon – Joshua Longino who help swap on guitars, bass, percussion and vocals with the Furgiuele brothers. As well a first with some lush strings by Dave Claassen. We are diggin' this band!

5. "Youth" by Cleopatrick

"Youth” illustrates this struggle using the symbol of a cigarette – the idea of indulgence, regardless of who it hurts or what it does. If you dig Royal Blood and Queens of The Stone Age, you will definitely love these rock vibes from Cleopatrick!