Artist Spotlight with Natalie Shay

Natalie Shay is a 19-year-old multi-award winning singer and songwriter from London! Growing up she learned the guitar and later went to the BRIT school to further her music education. She just recently released several singles and we had the lovely opportunity to ask her some questions. Check out our interview with this rad up-and-coming indie pop artist!

What artists do you look up to?

Haim. Taylor Swift. Little Comets. All for different reasons.

Tell us about your experience at the BRIT school.

Brit was a great experience. I was there for 4 years studying music. It's a very unique environment, young people who are very career focused all bouncing off each others' energy. It's a very magical place.

Top five favorite 80s songs.

"Africa" by Toto

"Don't Stop Believing"

"Come on Eileen"



What is the biggest influence on your musical style?

I listen to a lot of male-led bands and artists. I suppose this has a huge influence on my music. As I'm creating male inspired music as a female.

From a vocal point of view, what is the most challenging?

I try to write songs I can sing comfortably haha. When I try covering a lot of modern songs I struggle as I have quite a low range for a female vocalist.

If you could choose a different genre what would choose and why?

I'd definitely either go into musical theatre because I love it or cheesy pop.

Where do you see yourself in a year, musically?

Doing what I'm doing now but to more people!!

What relationships have helped you grow musically?

The relationship with my dad has always taught me to do what I want and to be creative. My lyrics are very much inspired by romances I've had or ones I wanted to have haha

B52s or Iggy Pop?

Iggy Pop

Do you think Brexit will impact the music industry? If so how?

I think music will always win through.