Not Your Typical Couple - An Interview with The Young Couples

>> The Young Couples started as low key recording project I did with Ben Morey...this is Ian Proper speaking by the way. I had a bunch of songs and wanted to record in a casual way with no real pressure to do anything with them. After the EP was done I felt like I was in a good place to be in a band again. Soon after Dylan Stock, Erick Perrine joined. Cammy Enaharo is the most recent addition. Playing with these three felt different than anything I had been a part of before. It’s a rare thing for four musicians to actually click musically and in terms of personality and temperament. I’m in love with playing with all of them and the sound we’re creating. It’s completely different from the EP. Which is what I wanted. Each personality shines through, it’s a true collaboration.

It’s hard to describe our sound, and the easiest answer is that I hope it’s our own. The initial influences were bands like Wire, The Pixies, Talking Heads and anything off the Stiff record label. Each member brings there own background and taste so to me it just sounds like us.

What feelings do you hope to convey and evoke with your music?

Above all, I hope we in invoke an energy that’s both fun and a little abstract. Each song should be one you can sit with and hopefully find something new about each time, lyrically or musically. We want people to sweat too. Sweating is important.

Who is your favorite iconic couple?

Deckard and Rachel from Blade Runner.

What is the difference between old and young couples? I took the name The Young Couples after reading Couples by John Updike which has couples of every age group. A relationship can be young whenever it starts. Netflix accounts might look different though

If you could sing a theme song for any tv show what would tv show would it be?

Dark Shadows. Make up that theme song right now.

“All shadows are dark, but these ones especially are.”

What do you do to prepare for a show?

We’ve been always pretty quick at writing so nowadays, other than general practice, picking the right set to suit the show is important. Outfit coordination sometimes happens.

What do you do to maintain a creative mindset?

I can’t speak for the rest of the band but for me, knowing that I have people who are so creative and easy to work with all keeps me wanting to keep writing and moving forward. Also Kind Bars and Bells Two Hearted.

** If you really dig their music you are in luck! They are now in the process of recording their first full length album at RedBooth Studios!