Hangover Harmonies with The Sugargliders!

Tell us the origin story of The Sugargliders.

We both went to Irondequoit Highschool. We became friends close to graduation. Actually, we hung out once in tenth grade and saw Rusted Root at Waterstreet but we were both so awkward that we didn't hang out again for another two years. Our first show was at Alison's graduation party. We only had two songs, Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show and Train Song by Vashti Bunyan. We began doing open mics at Boulder Coffee and FLCC. It wasn't really until we moved into our first apartment together in the fall of 2016 that we became The Sugargliders. Every week at the Boulder Coffee open mic we would change our band name until we landed on The Sugargliders. It was a hit.

Describe your genre.


Favorite type of sugar?

Maple Syrup

Have you ever been hang gliding?

No, hopefully never will. Too Risky. We will leave gliding through the air for the sugar gliders and flying squirrels.

Top 5 favorite things about Rochester.

1. Cedar

2. Han Noodle

3. A supportive and eclectic music scene

4. The Little Theatre

5. The Parks/Genny (the beer and the river)

Top 5 least favorite things about Rochester.

1. Parking

2. Sometimes they forget to pick up our recycling even though it's included in our rent.

3. $50.00 Parking tickets

4. Sub Zero Temperature

5. Neighbors who cut down their trees at 11:00pm.

If you could make any changes to society/societal beliefs what would you change and why?

That is a hard question because there are so many things we would want to change. To avoid getting super political we will go with getting rid of the forty hour work week. We need more free time. Also, let's not separate children from their parents and keep them in detention centers and don't let old white men decide what women can do with their bodies.

How has going to college helped you as a musician?

We are both visual art majors at our schools. Roxy is a ceramics major and Alison is a graphic design major. Even though it is a different form of art, it has allowed us to develop our voices and abilities to express ourselves through a creative lens. It is good practice building an expressive language in a place to receive feedback and criticism.

Dog person or cat person?

Alison is a dog person and Roxy is a cat person. That's why it works out.

Favorite type of water?

Room temp and out of a 40oz Hydro Flask. Please sponsor us.

** The Sugargliders will be playing a show at The Bug Jar soon!

Tickets can be bought here: