Gettin' Weird with Love In Future Times

>> L.I.F.T also known as Love In Future Times is an emo hip-hop band out of San Diego. We had a chance to talk with Austin Arthur (vocals), Jamaal Smith (drums), Reuben Pearl (guitar), Holden Prine (bass) about their upcoming tour with Fall Out Boy, tinder, and hidden talents.

Where do you find your inspiration?

L.I.F.T draws its inspiration from the culture that we were exposed to growing up, and the recent turn in pop and underground culture. Our music stems from listening to and consuming a variety of music, movies, television, and the internet. For example, some members of the band grew up consuming English Brit-pop and rap such as Blur, Oasis, and Skepta while others were influenced by modern American and Australian alternative bands such as Muse, Marilyn Manson, and Tame Impala. Ultimately, L.I.F.T is inspired by the community and culture of love that surrounds music and the home it builds for the lonely and the lost.

How was it working with Spencer Smith from Panic?

Our ongoing relationship with Spencer from P!ATD is one of love. L.I.F.T immediately recognized his understanding of culture and love of real art. Spencer and Pete made us feel comfortable and confident in both multiple years of experience forming, playing and touring in major bands. We love Spencer :)

What is the craziest thing each one of you has ever done?

Reuben: Ran away from home, London to California, at 17 years old to play and tour with L.I.F.T.

Austin: Once streaked through his School Gymnasium wearing a mask of Richard Nixon while Vice President Ford gave a Q&A at his hometown.

Jamaal: Got away with impersonating an airline pilot and flew a passenger carrier jet across the US while being pursued by a rogue detective.

Holden: Started an underground boxing club that eventually morphed into an organization that blew up all the credit card headquarters on Manhattan Island.

What are some hidden talents that each of you have?

Reuben: can click all of his individual toes.

Austin: can burp the alphabet.

Jamaal: knows every Disney musical number off by heart.

Holden: can kill a man with his left thumb.

Compare each song in your recent EP to a drink.

808 War: type o negative

Cassette Tapes: type o positive

Dressed in Black: type a negative

Locked Up: type a positive

Wanna Die: type b negative

Dead Kid$: type b positive

Lost4you: Long Island Iced Tea

Has technology helped or hurt your possibilities of finding love?

L.I.F.T has recently had some luck with internet dating but has historically been vastly disappointed with the online dating scene. Ultimately technology has helped in allowing us to explore culture and art which has made us more interesting people, so technology has had a positive impact overall.

Weirdest tinder experience?

Reuben went on a tinder date to find that somebody had led him to a hotel room with an actual catfish in well lit, well-sized aquarium. He has since deleted tinder.

What is your ideal tinder bio?

Reuben’s tinder bio is... “smoke dope and choke me”

Who in the band would win in a wrestling match and what would be each person's signature move for this wrestling match?

Holden Prine is the reincarnation of Hulk Hogan. We don’t watch wrestling, we don’t work for publishing companies.

How excited are you all to be touring with Fall Out Boy in September?

L.I.F.T feels unbelievably fortunate and blessed to be given the opportunity to tour with Fall Out Boy this September. Not only do we love the band and it’s members but we are also signed to Pete's label, so it feels like going on tour with family. It's a true honor and we will not take it for granted.

What are you doing to prepare for touring with Fall Out Boy?

L.I.F.T is preparing for the dates with FOB by playing as many shows as possible. We feel it is important to throw ourselves in the deep end and attempt to experience as many crowds in as many cities as we can. We hope that with more experience we will be able to do our emo forefathers proud.

July 07 – San Antonio, TX – Warped Tour

July 08 – Houston, TX – Warped Tour

July 10 – Nashville, TN – Warped Tour

July 12 – Virginia Beach, VA – Warped Tour

July 13 – Camden, NJ – Warped Tour

July 15 - Greenwood Village, CO - Channel 93.3 Big Gig 2018