Calicoco - Float: Real, Genuine, & True

>> If you know Rochester music, you know Giana Caliolo. On “Float”, she brings a sound too big for just one person to handle.

The Good:

Calicoco’s full-length debut comes with a very familiar sound. Guitar- and vocal-driven rock, bouncing from somber melodies to all-out thrashing. Where “Float” differentiates itself, though, is its attention to detail. It’s meticulously crafted, with every little piece coming together to form a whole far greater than the sum of its parts. Nothing is out of place, everything adds to the sound without making it dissonant or overcrowded.

While more and more groups are trying to clean up their sound, “Float” embraces its local origins. It’s unapologetically lo-fi, with background noise and improvised instruments adding some character to the album. It’s not often you hear clapping as a full intro, and even less often that it works. Calicoco knows their audience, they’re playing to the local crowd, and they’re doing it excellently.

The Bad:

While “Float” masters the basics, it doesn’t stray far beyond that. There’s little innovation on the album, and it’s recognizably a first full-length effort. It’s very focused on defining a sound, rather than expanding the boundaries of a known genre. It’s an understandable move from a first release, but it would’ve been nice to see a bit more experimentation on some tracks.


“Float” is one of the best first albums in recent memory. Calicoco has developed a stellar sound, sure, but that’s not the best part of the release. Instead, it’s the sheer honesty of the album that really makes it work. There’s no pretense, no pretension, just a genuine love of music. “Float” shows up humble, doesn’t talk a big game, but makes a massive impact where it counts. 4.6/5 <<