New Beat Fund - Chillanthropy: Background Music for White People

>> New Beat Fund’s been around since 2013, but in five years they’ve only given us one real EP and album. With “Chillanthropy”, they try to bring that no-rush feeling to the audience.

The Good:

“Chillanthropy” has some excellent mixing. It’s not perfect, but each member of the three-piece group is distinctly audible through the whole EP. The bass has solid reverb, and even the drum machine has a fuller sound than you’d expect. It’s a well-rounded package, and it comes together well.

New Beat Fund isn’t afraid to take some interesting twists and turns with their sound. There are tracks on “Chillanthropy” that sound almost like Superorganism, and that’s not a sound often heard paired with SoCal chill-indie vibes. New Beat Fund may not always be the most inventive, but when they decide to include some new influences they don’t half-ass it.

The Bad:

Despite their few interesting influences, the first word that comes to mind with “Chillanthropy” is “inoffensive”. There’s an inventive bridge here, or an intro there with some really cool layering, but everything else is just sort of… there. The high points can really be interesting, but a lot of “Chillanthropy” exists just for the sake of existing.

It’s possible to have lyrics about nothing that still make you feel. It’s how The Front Bottoms and every pop-punk musician ever have made a living. Unfortunately, New Beat Fund only have half the formula down: their songs are about nothing and they ask for no emotional response.Such classics as “the girl I like is attractive to me” and “California is a place that exists” not only permeate their Genius page, but make up the majority of their content.


New Beat Fund has a very summer-indie-chill vibe. However, they manage to come across less as “just guys being dudes” and more as a vague background sound to accompany something better. “Chillanthropy” really wants to be a “sound of the summer”, but ends up a “sound of our summer ad campaign.” It’s got its moments, points where everything seems to come together, but New Beat Fund still needs a bit more time to figure out their sound. Maybe next time. 3.2/5 <<