>> This past Wednesday, July 25th, the Arctic Monkeys took the stage at CMAC. These alternative rock gods packed the venue! The stage was set and the crowd eager. Gold steps, the word MONKEYS blinking behind the band, and long curtains behind everything to fill the background, the stage decor gave me American Horror Story Hotel + sensual vibes.

Red lights cast over the curtains, MONKEYS blinked to the beat, and everyone screamed wildly as the Arctic Monkeys ran up on stage and into place. Alex Turner was rockin' the cool buzzed hair. He wore a gray suit with an opened sleek white button down and aviators....he was looking downright beautiful. They began playing one of their latest singles, "Four Stars Out of Five", from their latest album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. Again, the crowd screeched with overwhelming excitement.

Alex Turner moved around the stage swaying his hips, caressing the microphone, closing his eyes, and truly feeling the music. It was hard not to fall in love. The screens on each side of the stage showed a feed of the show in black and white, matching the overall classy yet very sensual vibes emanating from their performance. I slowly looked around and saw that everyone was in awe and completely transfixed on the band who performed each song effortlessly.

The groovy baseline to, "Do I Wanna Know?", began and everyone in the crowd seemed to have lost their minds for a second. I would be lying if I said I wasn't fangirling hard. They followed up that song with "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor" and the crowd erupted in screams and shook around with the beat, lost in the music.

At one point someone in the front of the crowd threw their blanket, Alex Turner caught it and put it over himself continuing to sing and dance around like a rock ghost with it draped over his head. He then whipped it off, threw it on the ground of the stage, and kicked over the mic stand! It was the goofiest yet most rock n' roll badass original move I had ever seen.

The Arctic Monkeys disappeared and the crowd continued to roar for more. A silver mysterious rotating cube with a light inside appeared and a couple of minutes later the Arctic Monkeys were back on stage. They sang four more songs and ended with "R U Mine". The perfect end to a rock n' roll lovers' dream concert. <<