The Coup - Sorry To Bother You: The Soundtrack: Descriptive Subtitle

>> The Coup is one of the foremost names in anti-establishment music. With the release of 2018’s “Sorry To Bother You”, they culminate a six-year journey.

The Good:

“Sorry To Bother You: The Soundtrack” captures an emotion that many artists fail to comprehend. It’s aggressively anti-establishment in every way, without ever sounding like a sixteen-year-old hating his dad. From capitalism to gender culture and misogyny, The Coup can bring out your inner rebel like no one else.

Even better, “Sorry To Bother You: The Soundtrack” forms a cohesive mood without ever feeling stale. It’s not a long album, but it never feels like it’s repeating itself. The music is so diverse, each track has an entirely distinct sound and feel. Part of the credit for this goes to the stellar list of featured artists, but it mainly falls on The Coup’s mastery of genre fusion. When one track ends, you have absolutely no idea what to expect next.

The Bad:

Where that variety starts to feel lacking is in the vocals. While the beats and instrumentation vary wildly, and even the lyrics are distinct from track to track, the actual vocal delivery can start to blend together. This is particularly noticeable with the vocal features, which are almost completely buried on some tracks. With this amazing features list, you’d expect them to be really featured.


Boots Riley, frontman of The Coup, actually wrote the screenplay for “Sorry To Bother You” back in 2012. When he couldn’t make the film, The Coup used the screenplay as inspiration for 2012’s “Sorry To Bother You” album. Six years later, the film is in theaters with Boots at the helm and an amazing soundtrack behind it. “Sorry To Bother You: The Soundtrack” feels complete both as an independent album and as an accompaniment to an outstanding film. It’s not perfect, but its aggressive beats and anti-establishment angle make for a fantastic listen. 4.7/5 <<