A Guest Blog Post Featuring shallow pools

>> We asked the Boston-based alt-pop/rock trio shallow pools to educate us on something we do not know a lot about, their response is below.

Developing an aesthetic and sticking with it is one of the hardest things a DIY band has to learn to do in the early stages of their career. When we first started this band, we never really considered the importance of creating an image for ourselves beyond the music. We just wanted to play music together and have fun. Although we still have the same mentality about creating music, we’ve realized that there’s so much more to a band than writing songs and playing shows.

We really struggled for two years to find our aesthetic. How can three very different people create one consistent image? How can we create an image that stands out but still reflects who we are?

We chose a band name that we outgrew very quickly and wrote music that we didn’t love. It wasn’t until we wrote and recorded three new songs that we discovered we were evolving sonically and it was time to reinvent ourselves. When we landed on the name shallow pools, everything else seemed to fall into place.

The vibe of our first single, “It’s A You Thing.” inspired us to create a music video full of colorful lights, glitter, confetti, and water projections. We made sure to incorporate this theme into our website, promotional photos, and even our logo. We quickly learned that the more consistent an aesthetic, the more cohesive we became as a group.

Reinventing ourselves gave us confidence and motivation to continue creating music we love! <<

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